View Full Version : Friday Nov. 5th, Lights Out Night at Terror of Tallahassee

11-01-2010, 05:50 PM
We've never been open a week after Halloween, but this year, we're going to re-open our gates for two nights: Friday and Saturday Nov. 5th & 6th.

The main focus at the Terror of Tallahassee is the scares, but we're going to kick it up a notch on Friday and make it even WORSE (which is to say, better) with a special Lights Out night.

If you're in the South next week, you should consider checking it out. It's unlike any other haunt. I know the layout by heart, every corner and turn, but in the complete dark-- it still creeps me out. I can only imagine how the public is going to react.

If you like intense scares and long (40 minute) labyrinth type haunts, complete with elaborate illusions and interactive action, come on down to the Terror of Tallahassee... but bring a spare pair of underwear!