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11-01-2010, 10:12 PM
Okay let the industry decide the 13 greatest haunted houses ever closed, open, closed 50 years ago doesn't matter... we want your nomination for the 13 greatest haunted houses of ALL TIME...

You must nominate your own haunt, another haunt, something you've seen and tell us WHY!

Rocky Point Haunted HOuse, Terror on Church Street, The Original Spookyworld, to the need breed like Netherworld... what are the best haunted house you've ever seen personally or for whatever reason feel should be included in the 13 greatest haunted houses ever?

This will be revealed in Hauntworld Magazine... this is STRICTLY up to the haunt industry.


11-03-2010, 06:40 AM
I will show my bias and start this off with these. And I will say that I am qualified to nominate every one as I have visited EVERY one, unlike most lists that are posted with only hearsay to go on. If you didn't see it, then you aren't qualified, period.

Ft Wayne Jaycees Haunted Train Station - circa about 1994 & 1995

Southport Jaycees Haunted Hanna House (south side of Indianapolis) 1990-1993

Huntington Jaycees Haunted House on Broadway - 1990

Huntington Jaycees Haunted Hotel-13th Floor 1999-2010 (2010 was the 45th year for this project)

Seymour Jaycees FearFair - 2000-2010

Niles Scream Park (formerly Niles Jaycees) 2000-2010

Raven's Grin Inn (former Jaycee Jim Warfield) any year but the Transworld bus trip is the one that had a bus full of haunters from around the country doing a collective WHOOAAAAA afterward

Erebus (Jim Terebus is a former Jaycee)

Rocky Point Haunted House (25th and last year)

One that I haven't seen but deserves mention is Atrox - Alabama (paul is a former Jaycee)

Another I missed; Terror on the Fox - (Mike "Tattoo" Krausert is a former Jaycee)

11-03-2010, 07:56 AM
Just to clarify, I was never a member of the Jaycees but I did build attractions for them for several years.

Bad Boys Scenic Design built Terror on the Fox for 13 years. This past season Mike Parpovich resigned from the Bad Boys and Ken and I (The remaining owners of the Bad Boys) sold our controlling interest in Terror on the Fox and rights to the name as well.

It is now run by the Green Bay Preble Optimist Club with support from Pale Eye Productions (Not to be confused with Pale Night)

Thanks for mentioning Terror on the Fox, it was our pride and joy for many years and I hope people remember the work the Bad Boys put into it. The Frozen Tundra Fright Tour is still a highlight of my career in this Industry, where so many haunt owners, vendors and actors worked together to put on a tour in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of February and it sold out!

Several members of the Bad Boys and Terror on the Fox have moved East and now work with me to create Nightmare New England & SpookyWorld.

Take care,


11-03-2010, 08:52 AM
Honestly... what's with all the "Jaycee's"? I've visited a few Jaycee haunts... not that great?!

But... here's my list, these haunts I HAVE attended:

-Halloween Horror Nights: Universal Studios, Orlando Florida

-Knott's Scary Farm: Halloween Haunt

-The 13th Gate

-Disney's Haunted Mansion

-Skull Kingdom: Orlando, Florida

-Netherworld: Atlanta, Georgia

-USS Nightmare: Newport, Kentucky

-DreamReaper's Haunted House

Other mentions, but I have NOT personally attended:

-Terror on Church Street

-Rocky Point Haunted House

-Lynton V. Harris Presents Madison SCARE Garden

-Terror on the Fox

-Castle Blood

-The Haunted Hotel

-Raven's Grinn Inn

-Deadly Intentions Haunted House

.... Just a though. -Tyler

11-03-2010, 10:19 AM
The point is not about the Jaycees, but about authentic and real opinions should be used.

p.s. Been to Skull Kingdom. Was impressed with the building but not the show.

p.s. Tattoo, Jaycees must not have signed you, but should have. Sounds like you are doing well.

11-03-2010, 11:40 AM
If it wasn't for the Jaycess maybe we wouldn't have haunts like we have today, if it wasn't for Disney's haunted mansion again maybe we wouldn't have haunts at all... good points.

I agree on those two... maybe not one specific Jaycee but maybe all of them lumped together. I agree on Disney's Haunted Mansion as well.

I agree on Rocky Point Haunted House ... I do think Terror on Church Street should be on a list of top events in our industries history.

Spookyworld should also probably be included...

If we really start thinking about this we have other haunts who paved some roads like Terror on the Wharf, Castle Blood for sure, Horror Hotel run by Dr. Lady, some of these haunts are the first haunts to EVER appear on videos that helped inspire an industry. The Darkness has been on video since 1994 when we created one of the first how to videos... The Darkness was the home for countless videos over the years.

Does anyone remember Hades one of the first MEGA indoor haunts? How about The Edge of Hell running for over 30 years straight the haunt that helped create the myth of the 13 story haunted house with the lion and what not (yeah at one time they had a lion inside).

Other haunts came later like Netherworld who slowly got their feet on the ground then took off like a rocket inspiring a new generation of haunt owners.

How about Silo-X who inspired an entire industry to think about a franchise of haunted houses...

Can you really include Knotts because that is more of a collection of haunts, an overall event... maybe so maybe so. We need to be thinking about the impact of the haunts and how they shaped our industry today as well as how awesome the haunts are in addition to everything else.


Greg Chrise
11-03-2010, 03:47 PM
Verdun Manor and Cassandras Labyrinth of Terror back in the day.

Ravens Grin Inn.

Pumpkin King
11-03-2010, 04:56 PM
Definately aggree with you on Edge of Hell. It has to be in there.

Raven's Grin Inn

Jim Warfield
11-03-2010, 05:15 PM
Had "Haunted Houses" in their parent's basements as a kid?
I did.
Timmy McVeigh did too! (according to a Chicago Tribune article, written by the same guy who interveiwed me for the first Chicago Trib. article.."6 degrees of seperation"? )
...but I don't really want to be That close!

damon carson
11-03-2010, 07:28 PM
Alright this is my list. Some if not most of them I have been through. If I havent Ive seen on video or read enough on to know they more than deserve to be mentioned and I do plan on seeing the haunts on this list that still are in business. Here is my list from most important to the industry or Haunt Hall of Fame.

1.Spooky World More or less the first haunt to open a theme park all horror related. Phenomenal

2. Terror on Church St. Also another great haunt with ground breaking detail.

3. The Edge of Hell The Granddaddy of all haunted houses. This 4 story mammoth is as big as its giant anaconda that lives in it.

4. Brutal Planet One haunt that changed it up on everybody. With futuristic themeing, makeup, and acting.

5. Verdun Manor The late great Lance Pope created one of the greatest haunted house ever. This beautiful haunt is still around and Lance spirit keeps it alive to this day.

6. Disneys Haunted Manision The most well known haunted houses. Many haunters hold this haunt as the holy grail of haunted houses.

7. Nether World Haunted House The modern day haunted house who is always setting the bar for any other haunted house around today. They are the complete package with there amazing scenes, costuming, acting. No one can beat them.

8. The Darkness The best haunted house I have ever went through. With there amazing detail not many haunts can even come close.

9.The Ravens Grin Inn Jim Warfield has such a unique haunted house its a mind trip just going through it. Its scary, its funny, its haunted. And its run by one guy 301 nights a year. Not many can say they do that every year!

10. The House of Fright My own creation. I strive every year to make it better than the year before. And told countless times its the scariest haunt they have ever seen.