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11-03-2010, 08:57 AM
Greeting fellow haunters~

As Im sure you have seen me post here on these forums a few times ( not as much as I would have liked) in regards to "Night Terrors Hauned Yard".

I have asked for advice and have given advice to others as well as good wishes to many of you .

All advice was taken into consideration, verything from how to do good advertising "on the cheap", or designing our yard haunt this year. Especially on a limited buget.

Last year ( our first year ) we had 150- 170 ToTer's vistit us .. young and old alike, and we had a blast. This year we had 345 (official count) screamers attend.

This was for a ONE NIGHT event both years ( from 4:30pm- around 9pm)

This year taking all advice that has been given to us directly or indirectly we expanded our layout.

Last year we only did one outdoor enclosed room. And 1/4 - 1/2 of the back yard.

This year we expanded at least 3 fold to 2 outdoor enclosed rooms and the ENTIRE back yard.

We had 15 actors this year, versus about 7 last year. Took us 3 weeks (approximately) to construct our haunt.

Every one had a great time.

As far as exit polls as to where people were comming from we had as close as lockport to as far away as Buffalo(45 minutes away) to visit us.

I would like to formally thank everyone here for any and all advice that was given to us either directly by responding to my posts .. or indirectly, by me just reading you posts and gleaning what information was contained in you posts it helped alot.

Thank you again for any and all advice that was given.


Co-owner of Night Terrors Haunted Yard Lockport,NY

(Pictures ans possible video to come soon)