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11-04-2010, 01:42 PM
Thought I would list our inventory on this forum before I consign with Norton Auctioneers to determine interest with my fellow haunt owners interested in buying our entire attraction.

Time to move on and mark off my bucket list that of being a Haunt Owner. It's been fun!

Inventory for Sale (Discounted pkg prices below):

Scarefactory Castle Big Skull
Scarefactory Statue Ruins
Scarefactory Statue Ruins w/ Skeleton
Scarefactory Arched Statue Ruins
Scarefactory Mongo w/ Drop Wall
Scarefactory Organ
Scarefactory Organ Meister
Scarefactory Skull Fireplace
Scarefactory Skelebera
Scarefactory Candlebera
Scarefactory Death Statue
Scarefactory Corridor of Corpses
and Crate of Corpses
Bins of controllers and lights

Nightscreams Studios:
Christine Car
Vacuform Walls - Victorian (7)
Vacuform Walls - Asylum Doors (7)
All sprayed with intumescent fire retardant from No Burn, Inc.

Electric Chair
Spill your Guts
Butchers Table
Krazy Kristen
Spitting Debbie
Skin & Bones w/ Vacuform Wall
Scary Carrie

Scare Products:
Claustrophobia II
Curtain Circus Chaos (32)
Blowers (3)

Pale Night Studios CGI Asylum Door

Unit 70 Bodies:
- Wicked Witch, Automated
- G Dawg
- Harry
- Bum
- Drawf
- Vampires (3)
- Burlap
- Bessy Sue
- Dr. Fred
- Skeleton Ghosts (3)

Gore Galore:
Deathanie Bunkaroo w/ Sound Box

CFX Orlock Mask and Hands
Masks (25)
Costumes (Dozens)
Makeup Chairs (30)
Vanity Lights (2)

Skeleton Chandeliers (2)
Wall Sconce
Ghoulish Gallery Portraits (3)

Creepy Collections:
Bruised and Beaten, Animated
Toy Box, Animated
Meat Locker Room
Dollhouse Room

Living Room Furniture
Child Bedroom Furniture
Baby's Bedroom Furniture

Door slamming Hallway

Barrels (4)
Drums (4)
Drop Box
Marionette Clown, 7'
Magic Trunk
Popcorn Machine


Coffin, Fiberglass
Tombstones, Moss Covered (10)

Antique table and chairs
Parlor Sofa

100 4x8 Wall Panels, fire retardant treated

25 Decorated Wall Panels
10 4x10 Rock Walls, Intumescent Painted

Boom Boxes (12-15)
TV's (3)

Wheel Chair
Crutches (3)
Walkers (3)

My Office:
Leather Reclining Sofa
Leather Reclining Chaise Lounge
Coffee Table
End table
65" Mitszubishi HDTV
Onkyo Sound System
Sony DVD
Knight Shield

Pub table and Leather Chairs

33 gal Air Compressors (8)
gal Air Compressors (1)
Hoses and Valve Fittings

Chevrolet Step Van (Snack Van)

Subtotal A - $175,000

Credit Card Bypass Machine
Cash Drawer
2-Way Radios (6)
Fire Smoke Alarm System (12k System)
Emergency Shunt System (9k System)
Lumber, Class A Fire Retardant (7000 sf)
Drywall, Class A Fire Retardant (7000 sf)
Slat Wall with Shelves and Mask Holders
Clothes Hangar Cart
Make-up Tables (32')
A-Frame Street Signs, Decorated (7)
16' Inflatable Balloon Sign, Orange

Subtotal B - $40,000

Wholesale New - $325,000

Grand Total - $215,000

11-04-2010, 02:16 PM
Pictures would be amazing! I'm interested in some things, any chance of doing lots instead of the whole package?

Thanks! -Tyler

11-04-2010, 03:37 PM
I would be intresed In many of theses items. Where are you located ?
Could I get some Pictures ?

11-05-2010, 05:24 AM

Im interested in

Unit 70 Bodies:
- Wicked Witch, Automated
- G Dawg
- Harry
- Bum
- Drawf
- Vampires (3)
- Burlap
- Bessy Sue
- Dr. Fred
- Skeleton Ghosts (3)

Please send me a PM with prices and photos


11-05-2010, 07:14 AM
I'm interested in the walls. PM me if you're willing to sell them.

Also, a lot of haunts don't have a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around, so although you have a TON of really great stuff, most people have to take years to accumulate all of it. So you'll be more likely to sell everything quicker and for more money if you piece it out individually and things you have a hard time selling on here after a couple months, throw it on eBay and you're sure to find a buyer.

Hope that helped a little bit. :)

cript keeper
11-05-2010, 01:20 PM
how much for the corridor of corpses and the crate of corpses

11-06-2010, 10:44 AM
I am interested in the wall panels as well..... price?

11-06-2010, 03:16 PM
Asking $2500 for all 75 remaining FR wall panels. Must pick up. Thats lumber cost alone. All are FR and made of 2x4 with center stud and osb board. Unpainted.

11-30-2010, 01:13 PM
Thank you for your inquiries.

I try and I try to pull myself up from this grave I've dug for myself and something keeps pulling me back in. Was hoping to sell my haunt outright, but no one seems to have the outlay of cash I was asking for it. Am now entertaining a couple offers from fellow haunt owners about partnering together and wanted to extend the same offer to those of you whom I know or who I met on the bus tour at HauntCon this year. If you recall, I was there with my young daughter.

If interested in hearing my offer, email me at spookyshead@aol.com and I will forward you the inventory list and 500 photos. PLEASE only legitimate inquiries only. And by legitimate, I mean someone who can afford a buy-in of $50-75,000 or a complete buy-out of $125,000 before end of the year. Both attractions are appraised at a depreciated value of $215,000.