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03-11-2007, 06:57 AM
heres the new techFX mini prop controller.


its smaller than its big brother the techFX 1.0b....

this one is 3x3 inches and has all screw terminals....


-48 Mhz 12 MIPS with 32k on MCU and 256K 1 Mhz I2C eeprom
-full speed USB with free bootloader for uploading your own code
17 IO as follows:
-6 high current outputs allow the use of dual voltage (12 or 24 volt accessories)
-10 IO configurable as follows:
-upto 4 A2D 10 bit at 100Ksps
-upto 2 PWM or servo
-all can be TTL in or out (4 have pullup / pulldown resistor selectable)
-I2C terminals for adding accessory modules such as devantechs line of addons (they make an addon that will control a 20 amp motor!!! and 5-50v.. also servo controllers, GPS, compasses, sonar etc.. all on the I2C bus

-switching voltage regulator does 1 amp on the 5 volt line and 1 amp on the external voltage line for 2 amps total on this board! the regulator doesnt get hot like regulat linear regulators!!! less than 1 watt heat dissipation.

-use less wall adapters as you can use 2 voltages on this board... 5 volt line and the wall adapter voltage. (upto 30 volts)

NO CODE WRITING with techFX mini tools, setup your board config in seconds


then go create your control sequence and send it to the controller.


you can trigger off an input, do loops, execute once, act on analog inputs, issue i2c commands for expander modules. you cant go wrong with this controller!!!

or u can write your own code using our framework source code. It uses simple MCC18 C compiler which is a high level language.

if you blow it up, we do free controller repair for life! great tech support.

come visit us :)


03-11-2007, 07:05 AM
and of course u can usually find it on ebay

03-12-2007, 07:40 AM

05-13-2007, 08:12 AM
please visit our online store at www.thesiliconhorizon.com/store

we also have a few units on ebay for sale at a discounted price

just do an ebay search for "techFX" and you will see our whole line of products online.

no hauntcon for me since my wife is prego :)