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Gore Galore
11-09-2010, 06:13 AM
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our customers for your support this season.
I have to admit it was the toughest year yet with the most challenges but the most return on learning and end results.
We took on tons of the biggest custom projects so far, which you will see several of at Transworld this coming year.

We had to split our company into 2 divisions to make all the projects happen.

Production Division:

I worked on designing (in CAD), with the capable hands of our fabricator, every element for this event from floor plan, electrical, lighting, audio, pneumatic, theming and everything in between since March of this year until we left for Idaho and spent 3 months installing this attraction with the help of several talented artists (Erich Lubatti, Chris Russell, Barry Aslinger, Tim Dorsey, and Robert Beech. Along with their own construction crew who build all the walls and facades. Then we came back and themed everything.

Plus we had the help of Matt from www.edgedesignsonline.com, Mark from www.hauntvisions.com, Adam from www.poisonprops.com, Doug from www.frightprops.com, Bert from www.minispotlights.com, Adam from www.froggysfog.com, Ken from www.sinisterscents.com, and many many more non haunt related companies.
It was a real challenge to pull all the elements together for our biggest project to date.
we received rave reviews, and close to 40,000 screaming patrons through our doors. Repeat Complements stating it was "the best haunted house they had ever been to", and "it was like being in a Hollywood movie set".

So thank you to the owners of scarywood for allowing us to come in and do this for you.

Production Division 2:

Stayed behind and filled all our orders.
And they did a great job.
However, some deadlines were not met in a timely manner.
So, I am taking this moment to sincerely apologize to anyone who had an order that did not arrive when it was promised.
Please accept my apologies. Thankfully it wasn't very many. But it was a trail by fire and they pulled through.
And we are fixing the problem right now, this will not happen again.

So thank you for giving me a moment of your time and I hope to see many haunters in Kansas City at my seminar and at the tours and parties.
I will be there with my wife and looking forward to relaxing and hanging with some great haunters who hopefully had a great season.
I look forward to hearing and sharing some great haunt stories.
I have a bag full of them to share this year.

11-09-2010, 10:00 AM
Glad you had a blast Kevin. Would love to get you on RFR to talk about your newest found love of building a haunt!!