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11-10-2010, 12:59 PM
How do you balance your life with the haunted house/company? I find it almost impossible to shut down my brain. Any suggestions??

Peter T

11-10-2010, 02:45 PM
I'm a little confused what your asking here Peter. The company part kinda tossed me off. Or are you basically asking what do we do in the off season ?

Allen H
11-10-2010, 03:09 PM
matter cannot exist in two places at the same time, nor can two pieces of matter occupy the same space. Luckily thoughts can overlap. I think about haunted houses all the time. It is a blessing to be able to walk through the grocery store and see something that allows you to learn something about haunting. My brain is different than most I suppose, and My job is haunting year round.
Whatever you do in your day to day job has implications in the haunt world, dont day dream about haunting while your at work, work to become a better haunter. It almost doesent matter what you do for a living, the better you are at it the more it helps your haunt.
I have a rule that I do stuff, I dont plan stuff. I know poeple who will sit for hours and hours and sketch and make notes and plan haunt things that they never do. Instead of planning...DO. Tonight o home and make a paper mache skull, or replace the lightswitch in your bedroom with a dimmer switch, both of those things help you in haunting. Look for things to do that are haunt related but only by task. Knowing electrical is huge, so get to know it.
Do things that help your haunt by teaching you skill you will use on it one day. Or...make a prop a week, it could be repainting a plastic garbage can to look metal butit is one prop and you learned the skill of drybrushing to do it.
Muyoto Musashi said "From one thing know a thousand things" the drybrushing skill you learned for that project can be used in thousands of projects, so can wiring, a knowledge of paper mache makes it easier to learn fiberglass...ya da ya da ya. There are a million things to learn and do. Planing things that will never happen waste time, so make one simple plan, DO IT, then make another plan and do that.
I ramble, but If you can weed through it I hope I make sense. While at work, work. Just dont forget that some of the skills you learn/use there can help you at haunt.
Allen H

11-10-2010, 03:30 PM
Sorry I didnít mean with the haunted house and a company. I meant them as one in the same. Iím a newly wed so I donít want her to go running for the hillz caus eI keep talking about haunt stuff ha ha. Ive been keeping a small note book when ideas pop in. Iíve been keeping busy with christmas shows. Converting some halloween props into happy friendly holiday cheer. Thanks for the tips. Have a great night!

11-10-2010, 04:06 PM
I agree with Allen, I'm a lot like him and when I grow up I want to be just like him. Its either that or I kill Allen and wear his skin so I can pretend to be him... Its all part of the plan.

Unfortunately unlike him I don't get to do much or put my hands on even my own projects. Like you I keep a book in my satual bag and it is FILLED with ideas. You put me in a haunted house with the music going in the background, screams filling the rooms and I just explode. I draw every thing, make notes, wright storyboards, and then I just keep going. And then the doors are closed and I'm in the real world. It sucks...

I don't have the proper room to practice sculpting the way I want so I practice on smaller molding models. Then destroy them and start again. I rent a room at my friends and though I love it and its super cheep, I have no room. Again it sucks..

As for my ideas you can see me on the forums giving them away to people that I know can or will use them. Nothing makes me more happy when they show me my creations in brought to life in photograph and knowing that some one is enjoying them.

I hope this helped, if not, keep talking to us, trust me when I saw, we will talk back to you!

Mr. Haunt
11-10-2010, 06:13 PM
I have just tied the knott as well so congrarts!!! My wife is not a big Halloween person, but over the last 3 years of being together, it's rubbing off LOL!!!

I also have the same issue you have, always thinking.....thinking.....thinking..... and my wife will say "Halloween is over". Or she gets upset if I spend to much time on Halloween stuff and not on her......Then she starts talking Christmas cause she LOVES it.

Best thing to do, do your Halloween stuff when she's not home like me....my wifes at work so this is what I'm doing!!!

Mr. Haunt

Jim Warfield
11-10-2010, 06:36 PM
Where do those creative, unusual thoughts emminate from? Sometimes I would just make something, not knowing why or what I was going to do with it? Then 6 months or 2 years later in the middle of a new project/idea, I would pull the item out into the light of day and I'm off and running, having that strange head, artifact, made it all go quicker!
I would walk up long stairs at an antique mall down the road and I kept looking at an old, greasy, junk chainsaw they had for sale (Along with a million other things there)
I finally decided to spend $75 and buy the saw and was informed the price was now only $45?
degreasing and painting it was not a quick task, neither was making a frame, machining a Chevy Citation axle down or creating the rest of the over-sized tryke but it looked spiffy all painted red and white like a kid's trike from 1950.
The chainsaw is also from 1950-ish, a two-man model with handbars (like a bike) built into the saw, so the saw's handlebars are the tryke's handlebars with the very long chainsaw blade sticking way out infront.
I spent al lday running new circuits across the house for the kitchen . My Wife made a deal, she would wash dishes if I cleaned cat boxes. Tommorrow I hook up our new dishwasher (first time I ever owned one)
Now I have to probably build a cat box cleaning machine for myself..which might take some time and testing..I have plently of test pilots, I guess they are actually "Bombadiers", not "Pilots".

11-11-2010, 10:41 AM
Hey Jim,

I have two cats, (raised them since they were about a week old) donít get the littler maid. It broke in a week. POS!!

I wish everyone the best with this issue. My wife is def turning into a Halloween person which is great but not a lot of people understand the madness that comes with it all. Been looking for a permanent location to purchase for the haunt so that takes up a lot of my time after work. I donít know if I should get land to build on with 5+ acres or a building with parking but no where to grow??

Any advice..


11-11-2010, 10:43 AM
I haven't figured this one out yet. By the way I have small kids in the mix. It has been very challenging. Lots of "disagreements"

wish you the best. I donít know how people run companies with young kids in the mix. I dont know if I could take on that much. Kudos to you and anyone else in the same situation.


11-11-2010, 12:10 PM
I personally realize that I connect better with the younger ones for some reason because I guess I act like a big kid. Hell my best friend says I have the sense of humor of a ten year old. If you fart around me I will laugh, I don't care where we are.

An I actually do have social problems because of my mind set. I was talking to some on in text messages and they brought some thing up that was concerning there haunt. Well when they did this I guess it opened my flood gate they didn't want to put up with. Its hard for me some times to remember that other people don't think like me, they don't live in perpetual Halloween land. While there putting up Christmas light on there house I'm thinking of how can i use that in a haunted house.

An I have to put myself on other projects and stay busy when I'm in this mode. I'm also very lucky that I have met some very cool people in Shreveport that I'm glad to call my friends. We have big movie business coming in this area and they allow me to help with there design projects. Some people say I shouldn't do this because there "using me" because I don't get credit for my work. I don't care because I need a creative outlet.

When I was stepped away from the Halloween industry 2006-2009 I worked on web comics.

I hope your able to look at this and go wow, at least I'm not that bad. Even though I'm pretty happy with my life. Just want a a bigger work area...

Jim Warfield
11-11-2010, 12:28 PM
Asked the A) Teacher B) PSychologist C) Preacher.
"Well , I sure don't see the thing in the dot picture that everyone else in the class sees."
"Ink blot"? No, it's a cooking kettle , there's the fire whipping around under it, there is the man in the pot, there are the two Ubangi natives with plates in their lips stewing him."
"WHAT!!?" His head spins around to look at this ink blot.
"Nobody has ever seen that before!"
I take my finger and point to each item as I see it in the ink blot.
"You are right!" He says.
"Skulls mean Death." Said the Baptist preacher, former artist and art gallery employee.
"So you shouldn't use such an image, it also means "Poison". (I know)
"Without a skull our heads would be the original floppy-discs, mush, jello, I propose to you that God created our skulls to make is non-jellyfish and be able to handle solid earth's gravity better, and it's really quite a magnificient design."-Jim said.

Someone threw a rubbery nose/bumper piece to a small Chrysler car in my yard..I "see" a large shark mouth, surrounded by two squinty eyes.
Wal-Mart sold a $1.75 black plastic Witches kerttle...which to me looks like an old-style deep-sea diver's round steel helmet......so it begins.
Put these two together............
Of course to feel like you are worth anything, you must turn off the brain from creating new "What-Ifs' and actually put things together physically...once & awhile.