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11-12-2010, 08:14 AM
hey i was wondering if u guys think it is a good idea to attache the paranormal popularity wave hiting the movie screens and tv screen to my real funeral home for a new type of haunt ? really would love some advice on the subject a median enter and seached the house and he belives there are many spirits at the funeral home and evil spirits in the basement were something really evil happend

11-12-2010, 08:21 AM
YES!! Do it!!! Why do I think you should do it ? Because how many other haunts are doing this? Get a good story going to back your house on why the souls are not leaving the house. An also if you run out of ideas you can do repeat funeral parlor rooms and get away with it.

What is your name good sir, you are thinking good!!

I just woke up so if there are typos, not my fault.

11-12-2010, 08:40 AM
hahaha matthew boyle sir ! dunno after seeing paranormal activity 1 and 2 the idea was trowing itself at me plus every time u watch tv like on bio or discovery it a about ghost and the paranormal !!!! its becoming super popular and the in thing

11-12-2010, 09:26 AM
Yes, you are in the mind set. Watch your tv and see what is getting the ratings and work with it as much as you can!! If we could make a fucking comic book super hero zombie haunt we could make millions. I can't seem to sell that idea so stick with the popularity of the paranormal.

Another reason I think this is a good idea is because you get to play with a lot of the old school haunt tricks. Lots of larger haunts won't touch them because they feel there outdated or below them. Some other bigger haunts have trouble invigorating them because it won't fit there big budget theme.

There used to be this website that had links and links of older ideas. Can any one post this for him ? Any one know what I'm talking about.. ? Lots of Halloween how-to-do's on it. Some one will post it for you.

Greg Chrise
11-12-2010, 09:55 AM

11-12-2010, 10:22 AM
An BAM just like that its posted. Check out what Greg posted and see what you think will fit in your haunt. And geez louise don't do what some people do.. Don't go crazy and try and fit every thing in there. Take your time, learn what you can, pick and choose what you feel comfortable making and twisting into your personal creations.

An if there is some thing that you really want to put in your haunt and have trouble fitting into your story line were here for that too.

11-12-2010, 12:44 PM
thanks i cant wait for this

Jim Warfield
11-12-2010, 03:21 PM
Leopard could eat "Spot"!
"Where's my dog?"
Like it or not having a haunted attraction in a funeral parlor you will never be able to do anything else with it , your customers won't let you.
From my experience, 23 years of having a "Haunted House" in a haunted house, you will lose many potentiual customers because of the funeral parlor aspect and from it being haunted.
I didnot tell anyone for several years that this house was that way, I simply could not afford to scare away even a single customer, I needed every dollar coming through the door just to buy a few groceries every week.
Then customers began to marvel at the incredible special effect they were seeing in the wine cellar.....not something I was doing or could ever do. I just allowed them the "safety" of thinking it was an effect.
Then so many were seeing this I decided I had to tell people the ghost they were seeing had a long history here because I could see if someone saw it and flipped-out, thinking it was their own personal "demon" or something, they may end up in a psycho ward for a few months, very unnecesarry when it had been going on since 1925, seen and experienced by so many (So it ain't "Your demon!" Relax.)
It will be interesting at first...then the really nutty ones will find you. Making scary statements and even demands of you, veiled and not-so-veiled threats against the property. You and your place will become blamed in their minds for some of their troubles.
Those "haunted", tortured ones whose lives are filled with ghosts actively messing with their lives on a regular schedule who may just be off their medication will fill your phone machine with their stories, demands, personal problems...

Some will say the Least haunted places should be grave yards and funeral homes, others have told me different, icluding people who work in those places.
Then there will also be the sceptics who will look at you like the men wearing the white jackets might simply because you own the place or were heard speaking about ghosts, hauntings.
When I usually tell any of the house's haunted history I make a joke out of , adding attempted humor to possibly nip any of these negative things in the bud.
People who have suffered the fear, or even abuse from a ghost will never be happy in your place.
My immeadiate advice is to never allow seances or Oui-ja boards or Circles of Power or anything that tries to communicate with the other side because sometimes things will come to visit and not want to leave, but your employees will, maybe anyone you need beside you too.
Never do what any psychic asks you to do either. You may find that you will live longer, they usually mean well but the results they may manifest in your life might not be desirable.
I am very serious concerning everything I have put here today.

11-12-2010, 05:57 PM
I think a paranormal theme will be a great start, have a priest covered in flies doing an exorcism, bleeding walls, a Regan (sic) lookalike strapped to a bed w/copious amounts of green vomit, a seance where the planchette will point to the next customer to die and then the tables and chairs slam up to the ceiling. So many nasty avenues could be explored with demon infestation in a funeral parlor where the funeral director practiced in the dark arts; corrupting the recently dead and sending their souls to hell to gain favor with the beast himself. And what about having a spandex hallway where figures writh about behind the fabric and above the wanescotting as the customers walk by?

Greg Chrise
11-12-2010, 06:39 PM
I drove a hearse around for nearly a decade and enjoyed the car. 8,000 pounds of death and 9 miles to the gallon Cadillac. However it either was entertaining to people including myself or it plain brought out a rage as they had recently been to a funeral or this represented something real and sick to them.

I have been to hundreds of attractions and enjoyed seeing them sitting outside, I would do the same only I would drive up and park. At other haunts I visited I was usually invited to park at the front door. As far as my own millions of hours explaining that I was involved in a haunted event and they should come. Not any did. It was too weird for them to deal with. An intresting conversation but not really a single $10 ticket purchase from my presentation as some kind of weirdo. They already had enough of a personal show.

Customers did find their way but that may have actually been aput off to hundreds I met. As I would expect a real funeral home might be to a segment of the population. There is a certain morbid meter people have they just don't want to cross. They joke about it but really when it comes right down to it avoid it.

Businesses only work when there is some organic demand for what ever the product or quest is. Are there other funeral homes doing this somewhere? I have only heard of one that has a 13 hole mini golf through head stones and coffins in the basement. An active funeral home. Others have museums of embalming history in the basement but none I know of are a haunted house.

However, you take the very same morgue and funeral apparatus and stick them in an old barn and 14,000 people show up. Some kind of dislocation of reality has occured.

How theatrically cool seeing zombies in colored light crawl around in a graveyard is so cool to walk upon it is like a live performance making it better than a movie in some cases. There on the other hand is a whole list of reasons people will come up with that will keep them at home on the couch. Real concerns or unknown that can be avoided pending further information means you don't reach sufficient attendance.

Unless you intentionally go after the psychic wacko faction at $150 a head all year round? No free press, even they must pay. Real manefistations, real electric bills. The living will manifest strange energies given the right direction to do so. That way the happening is generally on cue. They see what they created and don't even know it was a projection from themselves and the group they are with. Authentic spookiness. Usually someone who is psychic is actually the cause of something similar to poltergiest phenomina. Dust spots screw with cameras regular and digital so it must be real. It is real long enough for the electronic transfer of funds.

These things may not occur on demand when you are running people through in a conga line. It is hard to say see me? I'm out of my body when they are already running. It has to be a slow, long deliberate presentation marketed to a specific kind of crowd whose imagination has been excited and they are focused on something specific.

Then what. You are doing a public service tagging of psychics? Identifying who might benefit from medication? DO these people have money or are they already kind of dysfunctional? It can be done but not with out getting people to travel for hours. That requires specific marketing and invite skills at a personal level. Your customers aren't going to be 50% of the local college and will warp up to Grandmas with their own tea leaves to read, they do have the ex husbands (many ex husbands) funds to explore the world. The type who have no use for a souvenier T-shirt. Maybe they would buy scented candles? Something to compete with grandma smell. Then there are only so many grandmas and only so many left turn signal bulbs.

I'm just saying.

cript keeper
11-13-2010, 06:28 AM
Hey check out the mortuary in New Orleans La. Its a real funeral home and its realy haunted