View Full Version : Haunted House for sale

Rich Hanf
11-17-2010, 11:35 AM
Looking to sell this used show. This year it was 3200 sq ft but there are enough walls to up that to 5ooo sq ft which was the size the show previously was. Pleanty of everything to scare customers to death. Included are lights, props, animatronics, compressors, x-cords...you name it. Also have a lot of costumes. I will design the show to fit your location and supervise the set up at your location to make certaijn you have it right. This is a tried and true show that is in your face startle scares along with good throughput. Asking $44,900

At this price you will be responsible for moving it out of it's current storage location and transportation to your venue.

If interested call 201 602-8842