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03-11-2007, 08:04 PM
Didn't want to spill my dirty laundry on here, but since it started here and I have suffered on it, will have to bring it.

The one biggest problem I have had in getting my show open is a lack of cast and crew. I already have one pro haunt stored that I purchased 3 years ago called Castle Dredd and I am getting parts of the Vineyard.

Around september, a member on here named Agent Man asked about possibly partnering for a pro haunt. He has a home haunt up on Chino with friends and it has outgrown his area. Chris (his real name) came down with his team and inspected at my place. It would be a 30 mile move, but it would work.

Chris asked about borrowing some of my haunt wall panels for the 2006 home last season which I let them. They borrowed about 40 wall panels.

After the season, Chris let me know that he split up with his group and would like to still be able to go ahead with plans. We were going to meet and get plans going for getting a new group together.

Chris also let me know that his split off group still had the wall panels, claims they were bent up bigtime and if I could be reimbursed for them. I figured a low price of $150 for the entire set which he said he would let them know.

This was back in November. I have called and sent several emails. Only ONE communication back on Hauntworld private was that Chris would not be able to do the haunt this year, due to family issues. This was maybe 5-6 weeks ago.

I have left phone messages and 2 or 3 more messages on Hauntworld private messaging.

Chris, I hope you are reading this or someone can let you know. I am asking for my 40 wall panels back or the $150 agreed on. Until that time, I consider you a dishonest person and a thief. I am hoping you will come forth and do the right thing and take care of this matter. Until then, if anyone asks me about any form of business relationships with you, I will send them this entire thing and let them decide for themselves.

Raycliff Manor
03-12-2007, 09:54 AM
Tony, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles my friend! I've been waiting for the planets and the universe to align for you so that you can fully manifest your dream of opening a haunted attraction. I admire you for your persistency and for not letting go of the passion that drives you! I'm still amazed by the number of hours you dedicated to working on the J.B. Corn CD's for the benefit of haunters! There are givers and takers in all walks of life and you're definitely a giver!

I'm easiest to catch through email, but please feel free to stay in touch with me and I'll try to help out in any way I can, but I have a strong feeling you are light years ahead of me in regard to haunting. Sometimes just bouncing things off of other haunters inspires a new direction. At any rate, I'm sending positive thoughts and energy your way.


03-12-2007, 12:42 PM
Did you get anything in writing in the agreement to "lend" him your panels? You could file charges against him, but without burden of proof that you own them, may be difficult to pursue. You could, however, have him subpoened and take him to small-claims court..prove your case there.

Good Luck...

03-12-2007, 02:10 PM
Hey Kel, thanks a mil on the positive thoughts. I've had really a lot of wonderful blessings along the way in life. you probably heard the news that JBCorn's family okayed the videos to go out now, so that should be an IAHA announcement any time now.

The time will come for my show to open. The raw materials of walls and props are all there on my land. It is merely getting a team together and having it into a full viable business entity. That is also the reason I never rushed into it. I took the time for learning so I want to do it right the first time round.

Your book gave me darned good ideas toward the business side, so that was worth it all around. If anyone reading hasn't picked up Kel's book yet, DO SO.

Cdufrene: Not worth it in time and ill will. Court appearance and things would cost more than the panels are worth. Chris's side of the karma is that he will find it difficult to gain any new partners who frequent Hauntworld after this. Both walls and reputation can be rebuilt with some effort, reputation is a tad harder to fix up though...

For proof, it was a verbal agreement but with private messages on Hauntworld. If the old ones archived, it would provide a definite. No biggie, though.

03-12-2007, 08:40 PM
Turns out last communication was 3 weeks ago. I still have not heard from the partner side or their contact information. least this one time stamped, as it were. I will try calling again all week to resolve.

Sorry again for airing dirty laundry.

From: agent man
To: Nightmaretony
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:02 pm
Re: hey again Quote message
Sorry for the delay Tony. My family life has kept me quite busy for some time and I rarely have time for myself anymore.

Anthony told me that they were going to deliver the wood back to you weeks ago. Needless to say, I don't really talk to those guys anymore and I don't consider them to be friends. I will give Anthony the ultimatum that they need to either pay you or deliver the wood. If they refuse or try to blow you off, I recommend that you take them to small claims. I will furnish you with their contact information if that happens.

As for myself, my future in the Halloween business is in doubt right now. The demands of my growing family are simply too great for me at this time to allow me any time for it. If something changes you will be the first person I call.

I'll keep in touch to see how your doing.


03-12-2007, 10:46 PM
I want to thank a mutual friend on Hauntworld who knows the split off group and got in contact with them. They made good and reimbursed me on the panels. IOt turns out to be 23 panels, not 40 so we went for a lost price agreed on. The reason I thought 40 was because they were from a set of 80 I purchased from Studio Tech FX some months before.

I want to thank the split off group and our mutual friend for helping get this resolved.

It is unfeasible for the group to haunt over here but I would be open to it. Agent Man is out of the haunting world due to real life constraints. I wish he kept up his commitments

I am glad this is settled out.

crazybob turner
03-15-2007, 09:14 AM
I see you are still pushing to get up and running. On of the 4 main subjects presented in my X-treme Networking class in Chicago for TransWorld this year was about contracts and the problems in the Haunt Industry.....Just like your situation!!! It really happens more than you think. It was a pleasure working with you on the IAHA/ J B Corn project even tho we had to battle a FEW idiots along the way. I am sure that a lot of haunter's also do not know about your haunted music talent as well. Keep up the good work.
If you are interested in the PURE BUSINESS issues of Haunt Owners then I am happy to announce that we are currently working to finish the 4 hour dvd of the X-treme program. It will be out at the end of March.All the handouts and copies of contracts as well as the final notes are in the DVD. Cost of the program is $100.00 plus $5.00 for Shipping. Send checks to Turner Enterprise Inc 1024 Tiffin St Fremont, Ohio 43420. It has the CPA, Emergency, Independent Contractor, and Attornory sections all layed out in understandable notes for any haunt and seasonal business operators and owners.
Again glad you situation had a happy ending. Their are many more in our business that are not as fortunate.
Best wishs to all,
Crazy Bob Turner

03-15-2007, 10:05 AM
Thanks on it, Bob. I am quite happy to let you know the videos are okayed and the board is right now working on the distribution of them.

The contract was verbal, nothing on paper there. It was a minor thing but glad it was resolved.

Musicwise, been writing music for arcade and home games for many years.
It was still funny coming in 3rd place in the Transworld music contest with only 3 entries! But that is what I get for sending the more religious song which was a tad different, more of a funeral parlor type of feel.

VERY GLAD of the business DVD. Very definitely sign me up as the first to purchase it when it is available. That is something that haunters really do need, whether home or pro. Information.

And on the haunt wise, been spending the last 2 weeks taking home parts of ANOTHER haunt, the Haunted Vineyard. Got 5 trailer loads home so far, the silliest bit of fun was last Sunday when I had 2 redneck outhouses on the back of the truck. That got some MAJOR stares on the freeway! (cornfield set, why not? Least the field I have it planned for has more sunlight than the Vineyard cornfield, so that will help it grow more)

Movie composing still chugging along, we began filming Halloween night of last year as well. As if I wasnt busy enough with life :D