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11-26-2010, 07:32 PM
Hey Everyone!

So if you haven't looked in the Professional Haunted House Chat forum section recently, a while back I posted a thread called "Pitch Black-Help!" and received a ton of advice.

To save you from a lot of reading, I basically throw a 1 night mega fundraiser in May at my college's Relay for Life. This is our 7th year, and in the past 6 years this Relay has raised approximately $190,000 for the American Cancer Society. One of our largest on site fundraisers and entertainment options is a Haunted Attraction, last year it was called "The Castle of Chaos" and it was a huge success! At the end of the weekend, we had to donate most of the walls because we had no storage, and this year our budget was sliced dramatically, making the production of a haunted attraction really difficult.

So I just got this idea to hold a "fundraiser" of sorts, to help us raise money to put on the haunt.

I was wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea or not, I was thinking of ordering a bunch of tombstones and skulls (found tombstones at a good price and still looking for skulls) to sell for $5-10 (or if anyone would like to make a general donation of more we'd never say no!)

If the response is good and it seems like you guys would be interested, I'll go through with it, and post the details on here. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who has shown their support in the previous thread, it means a LOT to us!

If you're a supplier/dealer and know of a good place for skulls or another good hit on tombstones, or interested in donating some of your leftover stock in exchange for our tax ID number, please pm me or email me at my address below. You guys rock!

Greg Chrise
11-27-2010, 01:30 AM
First off, let me just say, I see you down here.

Second, good looking skulls are already $5 $10 and $20 with very little if any discount but, al of these things can be marketed. It wouldn't be to those on the haunt boards though as there are 5 national conventions and trade shows to meet vendors offering things at wholesale or they are the do it yourself types intrested in raising funds for themself even for a pro haunt if they are skilled that way.

The market would be going to Halloween forums, possibly making the tombstones say what ever the customer wants them to say like happy 40th birthday jeremy or what ever. They become home haunt decore or personalized gifts or for the true weirdos something to hang up in the den knowing they donated to a good cause.

In general you are on the right track to raise funds beyond what charity has a budget for in order to be a star. You might get the school art department involved and the content of tombstone writing could even be a local hit, like naming all the foot ball teams that would come to play there and line them up, possibly if a team doesn't want to be recognized that way they have to buy the tombstone. They get a souvenier and help a charity. Kind of extending the pressure to find donors.

One fun fact is places like Walmart are cutting their seasonal offerings to only costumes and a few small trinkets and candy pails. This opens up wide the custom decor business in any area. Rental stores that also offer party rental might like to offer these. It is all marketing which can be done almost free.

Hold caption contests. Get lots of people involved in designing, making, finding creative ways to make and sell them.

Greg Chrise
11-27-2010, 01:34 AM
I forgot to mention, everyone you can possibly talk to in a 30 mile radius becomes a possible haunt customer and event donor even if they don't want a head stone just yet. There are ways to just not leave with out $10 cash right now if it comes down to it. It could be a social networking excuse to talk to hundreds or thousands you otherwise have not been invited to talk to.