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Kelly Anderson
11-26-2010, 07:59 PM
So after wraping up this past season, we've now begun planning and reconstructing our haunt for next year. Ive got allot of ideas we'll be using but just a couple days ago I got an idea for one of our rooms that I wanted to run by everyone. Let me know what ya think and if you have any other ideas to go along with it. Thanks ahead of time. Your thoughts are always well appriciated.

Im really trying this year to think about the type of scares in each of the rooms as to not have all the same type of scares from one room to the next. This room I wasn't thinking it to be this high impact scare, although it could be. I was kind of wanting to go for a room that would take people off gaurd, like I always try to do, but for a brief moment make them wonder what the heck just happened.

This section of the haunt is all walls constructed using pallets (theres actually tile block walls behind most of the pallet walls). This is also the Zombie section of the haunt. This room is about halfway through the zombie section, guests would enter this pitch black room. They would be walking along one edge of the room. Out of the corner of their eye (left side) for a split second the room would become dimmly lit and a zombie would be in mid air until he lands on the floor and the lights would go back out. At this point I dubbed this room the "What the F@#k Was That" room. .........OK, I was pretty syced about this idea. So at least give me that! LOL

The guests would continue walking and once again the lighting would come back on with this zombie now quite close to them in mid air (possibly delivering the grand scare for the room). And when his feet touch the floor the lights would go back out for the final time.

The idea is that I would have some type of framed box for the character to step off of. As he is in the air, therfore no weight on the subfloor of that room, a electrical contact would close, turning on the lighting until his weight is back on the floor. The character would first appear towards the back of the set. He could step to the next position with the lights still off. Leap one more time (turning the lights on briefly) close to the group for the final scare.

This is a pretty vague discription of how the room would funtion. But you probably get what Im after.

The biggest concern I have is the actor not being able to see part of the time while in the dark room and possibly getting hurt.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone done something like this before?
Thanks again!!!!

damon carson
11-26-2010, 10:58 PM
I kinda like that idea Kel thanks. No really it sounds kinda cool. I like the idea for the light being controlled by the actor. And a brief off and on light on the actor rather than the entire room or hall would be cool. The second scare by the same actor would be cool but how bout this. A prop hung up with a hardness made up like the zombie hanging with the same mask. The third time seeing him like that would be trippy! Same mask, same shirt, pants ect. Only hanging. Then the lights go out again. They would be like what the F...........! Let me know what you think. Just an idea. You could use glow tape or something to let the actor see the steps where he needs to go excedera.

Jim Warfield
11-27-2010, 01:18 AM
In The Dark, even though most really don't, some will and collisions will occur.
Hope it's not, "Elbows in you sockets, teeth in foreheads." And, the smaller, lighter, younger bodys can take the abuse much better!

11-27-2010, 04:22 AM
Maybe having the actor in a body harness with some jumping assistance from a bungie rig would be cool...he could even make his final jump back up to an overhead platform and have the room lights come on showing that no one was ever really there... just thinking.

Jim Warfield
11-27-2010, 06:54 AM
A slowly flashing light? The actor moves within the predeterined blackout but of course doesnot move too far. They could have a radio-remote in their hand that could over-ride this light and go to total blackout when he wants to make his final disappearance, then the regular lights are reestablished.
A cheap plug-in Christmas light winker.blinker and a two-position relay and a $6.00? remote set up from Menards and you are done. (Plus actual lights/fixtures/bulbs connecting wire)
Last night I earned some quick fearfull reactions from a big, gruff, older customer who was putting out a hard-as-nails persona(infront of his wife I scared him too!)
The first time was coming out of total darkness (with a very small , harmless toy in my hand(No, not THAT "TOY"!)
The second time was with all the lights on infront of 6 others!
And he stated that he wanted to finish the Mount Carroll Experience here by seeing the city graveyard just on the next hill over!? (Looking for one of those TV Ghost Hunter Experiences)
As long as the ghosts don't carry small toys or sneek around in the dark...he will be OK.

Kelly Anderson
11-27-2010, 07:00 AM
Thanks for the responces! Great ideas and points made.

Damon- I like that idea alot about throwing a prop that looks like the actor on a harness for the last time the lights come on. That would be pretty crazy! The reactions I think would be exactly what I would want for that room and position in the haunt. The thing is some how hiding that prop so it is not seen too early. Or moving it into place in the dark. The glow in the dark tape is perfect. I could hide it from view of the guests by positioning the landing area behind another prop or crate. Definately be thinking about that today when Im at the haunt working. Thanks for the thought!

Jim- The actor would have the set completely to himself. Grantid there would be some props or crates or something on the set. The floor of the set would have to be raised off the floor of the building. This sub floor would be built to allow for minor movement to operate the contact switch for the lighting. The guests would have a path (the wall on one side and a railing seperating them from the set) to walk down. It would be a straight shot through the room and back to light. Thanks Jim.

bhays- Great idea as well with the character in a harness and then having the lights come back on at the end! One problem that comes up is that the room is not very big to do this in. This room is only about 11x13 with a 9 foot ceiling height. I would love to try something like that with the right room and space.

Thanks alot for all your great ideas. It'll be a couple of weeks before I get to this room so I got some time yet to further plan the design and construction for this room. And your thoughts greatly help. Nice hearing from you all. Thanks again!

Kelly Anderson
11-27-2010, 07:07 AM
Jim- I was just waiting for one of your iconic posts! And so I got one! LOL. I must have been writing my last post as you posted your. Too Funny. Thanks again Jim!!

Allen H
11-27-2010, 06:47 PM
Spark gloves for use when the lights are out might be a good idea. I can really see this being effective. I hope the room has enough room for a switchback in it. Could it be a slat room that has partial visibility perhaps. just a few ideas in there.
Allen H

Kelly Anderson
11-27-2010, 08:01 PM
Allen - I don't have much room to do this in. Could you further explain your ideas regarding the switchback. I plan to slat the walls or just use the pallets. However some of the walls will need to be sheeted to block light from the previous and following rooms. Love to here more of your ideas!!

Allen H
11-27-2010, 08:58 PM
If the guests were able to travel around the actor (even in a 12x12 space you can do this) then he could easily get the multiple hits you describe.
If the harnessed actor/prop were in a barn door track, then they could slide easily by or through the group. I get mine from tractor supply for super cheap, and the slide that fits in the track you can hook your harness to. It holds 250llbs. and will cost $40ish and another $45ish for a harness from northern tool supply. If the actor were in a harness on a slide (barn door track) then the plat form he stands on could be the trigger and the lights come on when he slides to the next platform then go off when he lands.
If the room were square, and they went up and U-turned to exit, he could have three landing spots going across their path twice. Could be a really nice room. Thats at least what comes to my mind.