View Full Version : Desperately Seeking Partner

11-30-2010, 01:19 PM
I try and I try to pull myself up from this grave I've dug for myself and something keeps pulling me back in. Was hoping to sell my haunt outright, but no one seems to have the outlay of cash ($215k) that I was asking for it. Am now entertaining a couple offers from fellow haunt owners about partnering together and wanted to extend the same offer to those of you whom I know or who I met on the bus tour at HauntCon this year. If you recall, I was there with my young daughter. Would like to remain in the industry as a haunt owner, but need help climbing out from the debt I'm in.

If interested in hearing my offers, email me at spookyshead@aol.com and I will forward you the inventory list and 500 photos. PLEASE only legitimate inquiries only. And by legitimate, I mean someone who can afford a buy-in of $50-75,000 or a complete buy-out of $125,000 before end of the year. Both attractions are appraised at a depreciated value of $215,000.