View Full Version : Help needed and advice to watch your backs.

01-06-2011, 07:06 PM
Ok so I actually never thought to say something in here before but about a year and a half ago I got ripped off by a company operating out of Lawrenceville GA. The name of the company was Jaded Dreads and as you can tell from the name they made dread falls for your hair.

I lost around $300 from this company who never returned calls, emails, blocked me from their instant messenger and has now closed down their website. I pursued the matter with the BBB of GA and OH and with law enforcement in GA to no avail.

As I looked deeper into the matter it turns out that they have ripped off upwards of forty to fifty people. On different hair forums they resemble a hair maker that surfaced about 5 years ago and did the same thing and disappeared again.

The only information I have on him is that he is in GA somewhere by Lawrenceville and it looks like he's a scene kid who goes by the name of Drave Nord (you can facebook him to get a pic bt he doesnt accept friend requests.)

At this point I have to let the matter drop or get a PI and take him to small claims court. I dont have the money for the latter so it looks like the former is my only choice.

Im just posting in here to see if I can maybe get any new leads on this guy or any info on him. And to just let anyone in the south who makes costumes or buys costume stuff like this to watch out and be careful who you buy from.