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Fear Unfathomed
01-09-2011, 06:50 PM
Hey there haunters!

If you are going to be at TransWorld this year and you would like to get your haunt on at The Darkness and Lemp, we are looking for good industry actors to scare fellow haunters on the 2 days we will be open for the Live Actor tours!

Here is the schedule:

Friday, March 11:
Lemp Brewery
7:30pm to 11:30pm

Saturday, March 12:
The Darkness
7:30pm to 10:30pm

Ideally, we want to have the same cast each night, so we prefer those of you who can work both nights. If exceptions need to be made, discussions can be held. :)

You will need to be at the said location around 5:30 - 6:00pm. You will be paid. It will be a nightly rate (not hourly).

If you are interested in acting, please send an e-mail to ActorManagerHPI@gmail.com with the following information:
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Haunt or Company you associate with (if applicable)
Days you can work

If you have a Facebook account, you can RSVP to this event at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=142765885779702&num_event_invites=0#!/event.php?eid=142765885779702

Looking forward to TransWorld!


Fear Unfathomed
01-17-2011, 08:57 PM
1) Bringing this back to the top of the list for those that might have missed it the first time. It is also updated to reflect the most recent changes.

2) If you are an industry actor and you signed up ONLY on the Facebook event, PLEASE still send an e-mail to ActorManagerHPI@gmail.com with your information.


01-20-2011, 02:59 PM
If I'm not busy with RFR duties, I would like to participate. Any need for sliders or does Pricscilla have it covered?

Email and FB notes sent...

Fear Unfathomed
01-20-2011, 08:13 PM
Got them both, Badger. Thanks!!

Sliders are very welcome! Especially those with experience - us new sliders need people to learn from!! :)