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01-10-2011, 02:17 PM
Guys I have to come here and tell you all I am sorry for allowing myself and my emotions to take over. I told Larry along time ago I would help keep an eye out on his forums and I have did that. I can' be here all the time just like Larry and I don't mind one bit helping watch over this great resource we have again this is Larry's show not mine and I did not act in a professional way. Heck it's looking more like 2nd grade kid than an adult!

When I seen Fear attacking Ice, Lauren, Sue, and some other ladies here I lost it! I just can't handle women being attacked and abused by thugs! He also attacked several members of this forum here and the protector in me lost it! The adult thing to do was notify Larry right off and I bickered back and fourth with him to the point that this site is so cluttered it makes me and everyone here look like nuts. I have emailed Larry and asked him to clean up this mess. It's clear Fear has problems that I can not fix I am no Doctor! We have TransWorld coming up, my party, everyone will be working on their haunts and this is no place for this to play out. Again guys if any of you feel I let you down I am sorry I just lost it. I feel bad as someone who calls Larry a friend and it took us both a long time to get to that point that I may have let him down by not watching this more like I should have.

I am now getting back to setting an example for everyone here instead of feeding a monster and making drama that has no place here. This is Larry's show and I will let him deal with Fear from here own out. Again I am sorry I let my emotions act instead of my brain! Shane and it's a more adult. Shane this time!

voodoo willy
01-10-2011, 02:26 PM
Sorry cat daddy...he drug me into it now. You know how I am now I gotta have him. I tried being civil and he doesn't understand tha tso now the devil dog is comming out of me...seek out...locate...and destroy your enemy.

I understand people having a bad day and loosing it but to keep on and on and not apologize....sorry gotta have him.

01-10-2011, 03:02 PM
*rolls eyes and gives Shane a big smile*