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01-14-2011, 04:51 AM
yes, i am back! the reason i was gone was that i had time to think to myself and i had time to talk to my wife about halloween and the stuff i would like to do. she would like for me to go what i wanted to do. open a haunt..for the longest time i wanted to open up one and couldn't find the money.. i have been in a mind crap for awhile. as in new ideas/ finding a job..well i have not found a job sadly.. but the ideas just keep rolling in. at one time i wanted to do a hearse limo and like most ideas it take money and time. on this idea it was money.. and lots of it. iwas going to turn my hearse in too a limo. I now see what i couldn't do with that idea. it's called a transmission and body work. at one time i needed a break from all the halloween/ haunted houses.. i was no longer in happy what i did and so i gave it all up.. to be one with normal people.. hell at one time i was thinking of selling all my halloween stuff. but thankfully my wife stop me from that.. i still want to build and run a good haunt. i have been reading books on how to's, youtube vids, and all that good stuff.

anyways.. i am back and feeling better about what i want to do in life..

01-15-2011, 09:30 PM
Well welcome back. Ever find a pig ?

01-15-2011, 10:17 PM
Congrats on be back. I left for a while to, and noe I am back and enjoying it more than ever. The money is there and so is all my help... Taking it for all its worth... Happy for U... U will do great man...A big kodos to ur wife what a great lady for beliveing in you and your dream.... I like her....Good luck and best wishes....

01-16-2011, 04:33 AM
ya my boss did find a pig that he wanted. and thank you guys. I have been more looking in too this now. before i started this thing when i was 15 years old.

Jim Warfield
01-16-2011, 11:58 AM
You think you find perfection in a job, haunt, but then if it only makes you enough $ to not really live on, then reality says Get another job. Make your haunt a hobby, a fun time, something to occupy your creative thoughts..but still the bills have to be paid.(Hiding your mail box won't make them go away either)
One way to be able to haunt and only do that is to keep your bills low and to not spend what money that you do have on over-priced crap.
Having a partner who suports you in your decisions is a huge Plus and makes it have a much better possibility of becoming something substantial, elevated beyond mere a past time/hobby.
In the end , whatever works for you...works. Whatever style or type of haunted entertainment you are comfortable presenting and get an income from..works.
You will never be able to please 100% of the people who buy your tickets, people can just be impossible because they want to be, illreguardless of how much you provide or what you provide for the dollars they hand you.
Approaching 25 years of owning my house I remember so many incredible and genuine compliments and very happy customers I have had here and if I'm broke and living in a drainage ditch someday, I will still have those memories. They are a big part of why I have put so much effort and energy into my haunt along with the fact that this was the only opportunity I had left, so it had to work.
Good luck, welcome back (but did you ever really leave? Probably not in certain ways)

Mr. Haunt
01-16-2011, 12:13 PM
Welcome back to you!!!

I think Jim pretty much summed up what I would say, I to wish I could hide my mailbox but mine is stuck in a wall........

What ever kind of event you decide to do, best wishes and good luck to you.

Things are slowly comeing together for my haunting dreams, so keep dreaming cause I know one way or another they will come true.

Last year we had some cool special effects for lightning that I was proud of, but I dont think anyone noticed what I had added.

But on a BIGGER note, I am more proud for my Dead Oaks Cemetery crew and I will be haunting a wedding reception on October 29th!!! Yes thats right, I am doing a Halloween themed wedding reception......sorry I had to "toot my own horn" a second time LOL!!!

Mr. Haunt

Allen H
01-16-2011, 03:52 PM
Welcome back, I hope your haunting hiatus was short, and your return to the dead will be undying.

Jim Warfield
01-16-2011, 05:24 PM
It is one of those old thin-tin antique, cheap ones, hanging on the house at an angle...and I can make it twitch from inside the house, I have scared So Many people with this, even a few mail carriers in broad daylight! It is right next to my doorbell so the customers are basically looking at it when it twitches. Then some of them open it, look inside and see emptiness, of course.
Spooky! hahaah!
I regret to say I don't seem to have ever scared any of the larger numbers from the pages of my bills that arrived therein though. Drat!
-odd yrs. ago my electric bill was always around $20. now it's $135.00.
Inter net + phones is $150.oo, I didn't even have a phone for the first few years, then it was about $23.00 a month. So it goes.....Water& sewer was about $30 now with a new 3million dollar water tower to pay off we pay $75.00 (HOW long before 3 mil. is paid off?)HUH?

01-16-2011, 08:17 PM
Welcome back, I hope your haunting hiatus was short, and your return to the dead will be undying.

Thats whats expected when you are infected.