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Rocky Mountain Terror
01-17-2011, 11:59 PM
My favorite podcast just switched to a pay format. Get ready for this.... $1 a month!!! I don't know about you, but I spend more on Starbucks in a week than I do for a year of Hauntcast. Think about how much you spend on an ITunes song. Well... Hauntcast is over 2 hours long. How long is your average ITunes song?

Here's the thing... If you listened to Hauntcast when they first started, it was exclusive to home haunters. The story has changed though. This coming month, they have an interview with the Bates Motel haunt. As we all know, thats one of the best haunts in the country. Other great podcasts (which I also love) cover the business of haunting. Hauntcast covers the passion of haunting. And on top of that, the host, Chris Baker is funny and light hearted as hell.

This is the type of podcast that you can play when your construction your haunt, that you can play while your actors are going through makeup, or any other haunt related situation. It's not just about the haunt industry, but about life as a haunter (commercial haunt owner, haunt actor, home haunter, just being a halloween type person.) If you have never heard this podcast, spend a dollar and download Hauntcast 26. you will not be disappointed.

Support Hauntcast!!! Our industry would not be the same without it!

You can find Hauntcast Radio at www.Hauntcast.net