View Full Version : what would be the best pre-show?

01-19-2011, 10:42 AM
what would be the best pre-show? a freak show? side show? or some type of a halloween play? a movie screen with movies playing? magic show?

i have heard that a pre-show is good to have, not asking in lines of a pre-show before the haunt opens but a show before you just walk in the haunt.

I am having a pre-show before the haunt opens but i don't know what i should do after the haunt is open. as people are waitting in line they need something right?

Allen H
01-19-2011, 11:35 AM
There is no "this is best answer" to what preshow is best. What do you want your guests to say to each other when your haunt is over. what sentence do you want to hear most from customers at the end. Know that and then build your show to get that result.
Whats important about a preshow is how it leaves the customers feeling, audiences feel a different way after a variety of shows. Stand up comics, freak shows, watching a movie, Roaming characters, stilt walkers and big costumes like Gore galores, singing groups, magicians, jugglers, escape artists, and Halloween plays all leave the audience feeling differently. The feeling that the show leaves them with sould be nurtured by the door person and then fed and allowed to grow by the rest of the show.
That being said, for me I feel the best pre show is characters, some for fright and some for spectacle.
Allen H

damon carson
01-19-2011, 11:44 AM
I would say any of these would work. Many haunts have preshows. You just have to do what goes best with your haunt. What ever your theme is have your preshow with something similar. So they both go hand in hand and its like a buildup to your haunt. And its also entertainment for your que line. I dont know so much about a play? I would scrap that. And a magician I would suggest maybe one who can throw in a little horror. Regular magic can suck at a haunt, but thats my opinion too. Im not much for magic anyway unless its David Blain or The Masked Magician. With movies you can show clips or previews. You cant just go showing entire movies because there copyrighted.

Allen H
01-19-2011, 12:07 PM
Damon your spot on,
I think the reason most magicians dont work out for haunts is they tend to train the audience to "look for the trick" and it gets their brain thinking about illusions and how they are done- really no the mind set I want for my haunt patrons. Inside it leads to the behaqvior of "one is going to come out right there" or "her leg is really under the table" that makes for not fun groups for the actors.
Allen H

01-19-2011, 04:06 PM
ya, i don't want a halloween play going on, due to teenagers lack of brains for the arts... and it does give me an idea what I would like to show them. i do like the idea of having actors as roamers, but movies? well, i don't want to show big movies AKA nightmare on elm, friday the 13th, halloween, etc etc..

I am thinking that a Magician is ok, but it has it's draw backs too, also with a freak show. someone mite be to shocked to see someone putting a nail up there nose or if a Magician's show is to much on the horror..

there is a lot of if's and but's about a pre-show..

has anyone see a good pre-show that it stand out/ rocked your mind?

Raycliff Manor
01-20-2011, 09:46 AM
In both of our attractions, we use a pre-show to set the tone, establish the back-story and introduce the theme for the rest of the patrons journey. We use icon characters who persorm mini-skits. Last year we had Baron Von Dexter, a dead butler and loyal servant of Doctor Raycliff, for the Raycliff Manor pre-show and Professor Walter Widget, a steampunk professor, for the Carriage House pre-show. The audience response to these characters has been overwhelmingly positive! You can read the back-story for both attractions on our website, www.RaycliffManor.com.

In addition to this, we also include icon characters that fit the overall theme of the attractions as cue line entertainers, including Mortie Mortitian - a zombie mortician with twisted sense of humor, June - a very creepy six year old girl trapped in a grown woman's body and and Undead Caretaker who measures waiting guests for coffin size. We also had a local theatre company perform music and dance routines on the Raycliff Stage throughout the night. We held a couple of costume contests as well. A local company providing a photo-op booth was located between the attraction and cue line areas as well. Hope this helps and maybe inspires ideas for you.