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01-20-2011, 10:45 PM
Shop shall be wrecked at TransWorld haunt show 2011 in St. Louis when EthanOverDose, Tater (Granny), Mommie-D, and (Deanna) Witchypoo all bunk up for a Transworld shit-show that will be epic! Think of it as the Real World with boobs, booze, extreme haunting, and more booze. Pepsitini, Granny Piss, Rum and Diets and Jack and Cokes. A pillow fort is sure to happen. It's better than the Shake-Weight and the Snuggie combined!

--SCHEDULED EVENTS-- As Transworld approaches we shall be scheduling gathering times (not interfering with other Transworld activities so ANYONE (21+) can attend). All information will be posted to this group and should you have any suggestions or like to get more involved, shoot us a post, don't be shy, were not! *If there are under 21 members SORRY NO ALCOHOL but you guys can feel free to plan your own shananagans with pizza and Pepsi on this group, this is your time to get to know the younger haunt generation and start building your haunt career*

--WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US-- The goal of this group is to plan interactive hoopla at the 2011 Transworld Halloween Costume and Party Show. This goes for social networking, meeting new haunters, and having something to do at the show. We will be filming at the show and if it's good, we shall take it! If you wish to discuss your haunt, your Halloween interests, talk about the show itself, or would just like to have a drink with everyone at the show, that is what we are here for! We would like to welcome you all to our sick and twisted haunted house FAMILY. You my friend have been selected as one of the few that we would all like to get to know a bit better!

--WHATS IN IT FOR ME-- Look it is what it is. When you go to Transworld, yes, there is awesome events to check out and we certainly encourage you to TAKE SEMINARS, VISIT HAUNTS ON THE HAUNT TOUR, and BUY SOME REALLY COOL STUFF. At the end of the night though wouldn't it be awesome to know where everyone is going? Where you can hang with a bunch of haunters, grab a beer (and not ones for $7 a piece and enjoy your vacation?). It is our mission to be the life of the after party; whether than means a drink or just relaxing and shootin' the shit. It is TW, we are haunters!

-- EthanOverdose The co-owner/art director of Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House. Rated one of Americas best haunts by HauntWorld Magazine and the #1 charity haunt in the country by Tonic.com. I am pregnant and scared but it is probably a food baby. Yup!
The Queen Of All Media - Mommie D I am the Queen of All Media and I command you to visit my website! http://www.mommie-d.com. I am the personification of youth, beauty, joy & happiness. If you don't believe me, check out my YouTube Channel at http://youtube.mommie-d.com
--Granny (Tater) Always Pissy, Never Shy about her Opinion, and Totally Offensive, Granny travels the country to different Haunted Houses and speaks her mind about anyone, to any person that will listen
--WitchyPoo (Deanna) Is a A Head On Collision Between Martha Stewart and Morticia Adams and if she licked it, its hers.

Please join our festivities....our Page can be found at the following Link



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Tater you crack me up! Shane and it's funny stuff! Shane

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This post made my night! lol