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02-03-2011, 10:07 AM
Been watching alot of MonsterQuest on BigFoot and the Yeti and I DO Believe in them. Everyday there are hundreds of new species of animals found and some have been thought to be extint for years. I know Mr. Morris came forward and said he made the costume but I am just not sure his costume is a costume in the Patterson Film. Look at the features and structure and this was a female! I have been interested in Bigfoot and the Yeti for years and I do think it's possible for them to live undetected. Heck even Hollywood can't come up with something this good! I am taking my love of the Yeti to Disturbia this year! What's your thoughts guys? Shane and it's I watch everything on this subject! Shane


damon carson
02-03-2011, 10:46 AM
Phil Morris admitted to providing the gorilla costume in the Patterson video. Ive seen a video where they showed how it was made ect. It looks like a female because it isnt made with genitalia or anatomically correct. Although there have been many fakes! I still would like to believe such a creature exist. Such as the Yeti and the Lockness Monster. Shane we should all go to Lousianna Mo and look for The Missouri Monster Mo Mo. The movie The legend of Boggie Creek is about the sightings of Mo Mo there. It was a big thing in the 70's and brought alot of attention to the area.

Jolly Pumpkin
02-03-2011, 11:04 AM
Philip Morris
In 2002, Philip Morris of Morris Costumes (a North Carolina-based company offering costumes, props and stage products) claimed that he made a gorilla costume that was used in the Patterson film. Morris says he discussed his role in the hoax privately in the 1980s but first admitted it publicly on August 16, 2002, on Charlotte, North Carolina, radio station WBT-AM.[48] Morris claims he was reluctant to expose the hoax earlier for fear of harming his business: giving away a performer's secrets, he said, would be widely regarded as disreputable.[49]

Morris said that he sold an ape suit to Patterson via mail-order in 1967, thinking it was going to be used in what Patterson described as a "prank"[50] (ordinarily the gorilla suits he sold were used for a popular side-show routine that depicted an attractive woman changing into a gorilla.) After the initial sale, Morris said that Patterson telephoned him asking how to make the "shoulders more massive"[51] and the "arms longer."[52] Morris says he suggested that whoever wore the suit should wear wide football-type shoulder pads and hold sticks in his hands within the suit. His assertion was also printed in the Charlotte Observer.[53]

As for the creature's walk, Morris said:
The Bigfoot researchers say that no human can walk that way in the film. Oh, yes they can! When you're wearing long clown's feet, you can't place the ball of your foot down first. You have to put your foot down flat. Otherwise, you'll stumble. Another thing, when you put on the gorilla head, you can only turn your head maybe a quarter of the way. And to look behind you, you've got to turn your head and your shoulders and your hips. Plus, the shoulder pads in the suit are in the way of the jaw. That's why the Bigfoot turns and looks the way he does in the film. He has to twist his entire upper body.[54]
Morris' wife and business partner Amy had vouched for her husband and claims to have helped frame the suit.[54] Morris offered no evidence apart from testimony to support his account.

Allen H
02-03-2011, 11:11 AM
Im all about the yeti and bigfoot! I dont believe morris made the costume, Morris is a showman and he gained a bit of noteriety by saying he made the suit after the others involved died.
I believe in the Yeteh, and Orang pendek, Im sceptical about bigfoot but I also think he is out there somewhere.
Damon your a bit off...the boggy creek movie was made about a rash of sighting in Arkansas called the fauk monster, Mo mo is in missouri and I believe Ohio has ould yellow top.
Allen H

02-03-2011, 11:44 AM
Thanks for the info but I already knew that LOL! Heck me and Mr. Morris has talked about that alot and again I do believe somethings but I don't think that is his costume. I have seen some of the ape suits he made in his early days and they look nothing like this. The muscle is very clear in the film and as far as shoulder pads I don't see them most pads make your shoulders look square these are well rounded! Allen I am all about the Orang Pendek too. Shane and it's there is something out there! Shane

Jolly Pumpkin
02-03-2011, 12:20 PM
I think people find it comforting that Bigfoot may exist. It's fun to believe in something that has no real sufficient evidence that it really exists. The same goes for ghosts, UFOs, The Loch Ness Monster, The Jersey Devil, Moth Man etc. It also makes adults kids again believing in things that are beyond the realm of reality. Remember when you believed in Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny. It's kind of like that except these are the adult versions of make believe characters. It's like a treasure hunt looking for evidence on a massive human like ape or flying saucers. Everyone knows in the back of their mind that aliens or Bigfoot don't really exist, but just like with religion, people have faith that something much greater than us might be out there. It makes reality easier to deal with.

I believe in what I see and I haven't see any substantial evidence that proves Bigfoot exists. Anything I ever seen has some crazy hunters camping out in the woods acting like any little animal noise or animal they see must be Bigfoot. Wait, this is starting to sound like all of the ghost hunting shows out there. But, that's a different story entirely. So, when I see some real proof that Bigfoot exists instead of an old grainy film from the 60s then I will believe. But as it stands I don't. Where's all the evidence on these urban legends to support that they exist? I would think that after all of these years, there would be enough evidence to put these legends to rest. Before reality TV, the existence of ghosts was much more believable. But after watching one ghost hunting show after another, you realize that ghosts may not exist since they never find any real evidence. But I still believe because it's comforting, fun and quite mysterious.

02-03-2011, 12:31 PM
I believe in God and have never seen him either but I have no doubt he exhist. St. Nicholas ended up being Santa Claus thanks to Coke lol. Again there are animals found every year that we did not know about or we thought were extint.

Let me add that the that Gigantopithecus lived along side humans. Bigfoot and the Yeti both have sufficent history of their exhistance through the Gigantopithecus.

Shane and it's prove it don't exist! Shane

Allen H
02-03-2011, 12:34 PM
I cant understand your point of view. Why would you link aliens and Bigfoot together? Thats a grasping technique to discredit something you dont sem to know much about.
Many (almost all) astronomers believe aliens exist. In the back of my mind I know aliens exist so please dont speak for the majority of the world you do not know. I dont think that they vist earth frequently or even in the last thousand years which is what I think you were refering to. It is a mathematical certainty that there is life on other planets. That aside...
I believe there are undiscoverd primates, Im pretty certain of that too. I have never seen your house, but I believe it exists because it makes sense that it does. There is more to life than what you see, and the universe happens expands and contracts and goes on wether you see it or not. The mountain gorlla was "discovered" in the 1850s before that they were unknown to science and only existed in the myths and rumors of natives-the way bigfoot and the Yeti do now.

damon carson
02-03-2011, 12:38 PM
I used to live with bigfoot back in the 90's he was from Louisianna. So I beg to differ Allen. He has been spotted there as well. He wore a size 15 shoe and was very harry. The S.O.B weighted over 350 lbs and managed to screw up a lawn chair on my deck just by sitting in it. And flattened the hell out of my bean bag chair. To the point of deflation. He was smelly and brushed his teeth on occasion in the shower? His where abouts is unknown at this time. The last time he was spotted he was headed North in the Quincy Illinois area.

Jolly Pumpkin
02-03-2011, 12:40 PM
I believe in somethings that are beyond my grasp, but then there are others from which I don't. I believe in ghosts and I believe there is a God, but I don't believe in aliens, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and everything that's in the Bible. But, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and yours are just as important as mine.

Allen H
02-03-2011, 12:44 PM
Well said Noah

02-03-2011, 05:53 PM
There are a few things that make me think that this primate is real.

In numerous print castings they have 'fingerprint' striations, whorls and all the markings you'd expect from a bare foot. One show tried to see if they matched with a known primate. As someone who does effects work, the idea of making realistic print textures seems insanely complex--and nearly impossible. I can't see some bigfoot hunter even thinking about the fingerprintlike texture when making a casting of a good print, much less having the skill to create that texture realistically.

Then there's the 500,000 gorillas they recently discovered in Africa--a gigantic population that no one knew about. If that many gorillas can go unnoticed, why not an animal whose primate history, I suspect, is more akin to the orangutan--solitary and territorial.

So yeah, I thinkj there's a big primate out there.

02-03-2011, 06:50 PM
Well I do not think bigfoot is around today in USA; but think he was. Indian name was Sasquatch I believe. And as long as someone brought up aliens; well Shane my secret is I saw what i can only surmise was ET's vehicle. Saw a light in middle of day north of me...figured it was planet like Mercury as it was stationary and bright. After about a minute...maybe two it shot up almost vertical at incredible speed and out of sight in less than a second. I am sure we are not alone...but I don't dwell on it.

02-03-2011, 10:48 PM
Back in 2005 I took a photo in the park and caught what appears to be a hairless sasquatch. I have the photo and my reasons why I believe it to be a bigfoot posted along side it on my webpage here: http://www.madhauscreative.com/pr-personal%20pr.html

It's midway down on the page. You'll see it along withthe Patterson footage. ;)

02-04-2011, 08:22 AM
OK, enough about the film, the costume, the prints, and sightings.

WHERE is the eveidence? A body, skeleton, carcas??

If they exist and are very shy or can hide well, they would have to be found dead somewhere. NO skeletons, corpse, body has been found in all these years.

Maybe sasquach also did all the crop circles, too!

02-04-2011, 09:41 AM
Where is Jimmy Hoffa's body and bones? They have not been found either yet he existed. New bones of animals both dead and alive are found new everyday! Primates are great hiders! Trust me I own them and have worked with them. Just saying that just because you have no evidence does not prove it dont exist. There is a group of low land gorillas that is said to eat members bones and all of their group that die as a form of grief and saying goodbye! Shane and it's just sayin! Shane

Jolly Pumpkin
02-04-2011, 10:27 AM
Well, I guess that the Easter Bunny, vampires, werewolves, Tooth Fairy and every and any mythical creature exists since I don't have evidence. I don't quite understand the theory. If you have evidence to dissprove something, it doesn't count. But if you don't have any evidence to prove something is fact, then it must exist. I understand that people want to believe in Big Foot. But just like peace on earth, Big Foot is never going to come to fruition. Who cares if a bunch of gorillas were recently discovered? That doesn't mean that Big Foot was hanging out with them.

I guess if a bunch of larger than life yellow birds that speak and walk like humans are discovered, then Big Bird is real animal. All of these urban legends are money driven and if money wasn't the main motive, then they wouldn't exist. Show me some evidence and I will believe. Show me something besides fake casts of footprints or grainy videos where you can barely tell what you're looking at and I might believe. It's been 44 years since that Paterson video of Bigfoot was released; so there must be some credible evidence that's been released since then. Man, these Bigfoots are better hiders than Osama bin Laden.

02-04-2011, 10:34 AM
Maybe the reason we can't find Bigfoot is much like why we can't figure out Darkangel: it's really two people, Dawn and James, and it always depends on which one is typing as to how much of an asinine response we will get. Bigfoot could be fooling us all in much the same manner, not by typing, but by there actually being two running around at the same time, confusing us in the process. ;)

02-04-2011, 12:43 PM
Your examples are stuipd and you know that can't be used as an example. I care about new species of animals that are discovered because it just goes to prove 2 things.
1. The world and all it's smart asses dont know everything!
2. Things can go unnoticed for years before being found.

There has been as a matter of fact bones and skulls found very similar to Bigfoot like I already said Gigantopithecus. Again the point is these gorillas were thought extint and now they are found to living in the deep jungles! My point is YES YOU CAN GO FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS UNNOTICED! Shane and it's just because you dont believe is not going to make me agree! Shane

damon carson
02-04-2011, 01:44 PM
Ive discovered an unknown animal that no one has ever heard of. This animal maybe responsible for crop circles and many mutilated or missing farm animals. His name is MOFO. He is a large harry beast who has been spotted flying a ufo and leaving the scene of people spotting him. I believe Jim Warfield has been visited by him before. Jim has spoken of being probed a time or two.

Jim Warfield
02-04-2011, 07:30 PM
Yes, I made it, the costume that made bigfoot look like Phillip Morriss. Quite proud I am to use depth-less perception/deception to create that illusion.
The head is pure "Dairy Queen", made out of silly cones. (Tough to work with! but I'm learning!)
So there he stands in the red bell boy costume, small tray in-hand screaming "Get your Phillip Morris cigerettes! Stunt your growth like I did! then a normal person walks up to him from the back of the elongated forced-persperation-spective set and the tiny bell-hop is three heads taller than the normal person!
The real problems started when Bigfoot realised this bell-hopping disguise could get him into young women's hotel rooms so easilly..which room will Tater be in at Transworld?
Stop smoking NOW! And don't answer the door!

Mad Wax Sculptor
02-13-2011, 01:44 AM
the suit the brits made was obviously a 1 piece jump suit. The most realistic fur suits are a 2 piece siglet shirt that vercros under the crotch over pants this makes the suit tight and form fitting. It moves with the body and will not sag or bunch up. 2 piece suits have no visible seams,zippers,or buttons. The suit looks good but is loose and un natural looking. Have someone put up some reward money I guarantee they will get some realistic looking suits pop up

Mad Wax Sculptor
02-13-2011, 01:56 AM
I have never seen a big foot but DEC 5 th 2010 at 3 am I awoke to hear something big out side my window as I started to get out of bed I head the loudest gut wrenching howl . I will be honest I froze sitting on the edge of my bed for a second. I then heard it a few houses over making a grunting and another scream needless to say I didnt kick anyones ass that night and stayed in bed
I tried to make sense of it and assumed it was feril hogs as I don't really live deep in the woods but close enough to the trinity river to get wildlife

02-13-2011, 12:02 PM
Not that it really matters to anyone....But I completely believe in Bigfoot. I have spent a fair amount of time in the Pacific Northwest. It is so vast up there that I believe it is very possible for a large primate to not only live but easily remain undetected. I have looked at casts and seen all the documentary's. I also spend ALOT of time sitting in tree's archery hunting. I hunt in mountain lion territory and have never seen one but I sure have seen tracks.
UFO's? The universe is to vast for us to be alone. My thought's. All good.