View Full Version : Quatto Talking Prop - Total Recall Replica

02-05-2011, 07:46 AM
This prop was fabricated from a series of props including a fiberglass mannequin, a mask and hands and a custom made "Quatto" chestpiece that has two servos. This guy if you recall was from the movie Total Recall and he always gets lot of attention. He features a Wizard 11 Servo controller with AutoTalk (a $200+ control board). He is completly programmable with whatever audio you want him to say, the controller takes care of the mouth and eye movement. To strengthen a normally weak fiberglass mannequin the mannequin, head and hands are filled with hard rigid 3lb foam to give him strength and weight. No air compressor required, uses electric servo.

Price: $590

Video: DrQuattoVideo.wmv (http://www.hauntedhouse.ca/images/propsforsale/DrQuattoVideo.wmv)