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02-07-2011, 02:19 PM
Vortex Tunnel Addition

I had this idea that I am sure everyone here has already had, but just in case, I will post it anyway. The vortex tunnel is perfect the way it is, this idea is meant only to spark that creative brain of yours.

I thought it would be interesting to hang luminescent ping-pong balls inside a vortex tunnel. Each ball would be attached to a black string (fishing string), and then to a rotating arm (like flying crank ghost). I can't tell you what the balls do without sounding perverted so just imagine it. The string would run up through the pipes and up through the top connectors.

I drew up an larger frame to show you what it might look like. With this same kind of frame you can channel fog, lighting, or anything. The frame should not be this big. Also, I thought hanging something here would be in danger of guests grabbing it but when people go through a vortex, the only grab the one railing.

Also, I would like to share one more idea. I think the walkway should be built of clear plexiglass. This should give your guests a clear view of the tunnel.

Or, have a rickety rope bridge. This can be accomplished by making the boards (old looking) then laying them on top of the plexiglass. This way people have to try very hard to walk on the boards to not fall through. Secretively, they don't have to be that careful, if they step in between, they will step on the plexy. - oh I like this idea.

02-10-2011, 07:04 PM
Constructively... meh. I think the vortex effect needs little augmentation. Even those that have been through once before will still be under its power!

Practicaly... I think the guests will be leaving with ping pong souvenirs- better put your name on them- so you at least get a little advertising :)

Now the clear floor is a cool idea, but from a risk managment point of view- if you're going to put widely spaced wood planks down, you be best served putting them under the clear floor- no trip or ankle twisting hazard.

my .02

Dark Attraction
02-12-2011, 11:38 AM
Anything that you put in the customer's field of view inside the tunnel is going to lessen the vertigo effect of the tunnel itself.

In a perfect tunnel, the ONLY thing you can see would be the design on the rotating cylinder.

When the only thing you can see is the moving cylinder, your brain translates what it sees to mean that the world in which you stand is moving. The signals you get from your inner ear contradict this, and that is when you start feeling dizzy. This is the vertigo effect you want.

If your eyes and brain can fix on other stationary objects... the wall at the end of the tunnel, the bridge and railing, blacklights, whatever... it will decipher these objects as the fixed earth, and accurately determines that the walls are moving in relation to these fixed points, greatly reducing any effects of vertigo.

02-12-2011, 07:02 PM
Hmmm, what about a 'fear floor' bridge...

04-22-2012, 01:11 PM
Not that these vortex tunnels need additions. I am in the middle of deisigning a wishing well for the lines outside. The well, is tall enough to where people cant fall inside (teens, gotta love em). On the inside I am making a mermaid that swims about making bubbles and catching coins etc. 'She' is a computer animated character. Inside the well she looks 3d (hologram-like). I have tested the peppers ghost idea to make her work but came up with a nice way to get the coins to pass through a sheet of glass. I will explain more on this illusion for you later when I can take pictures. Those of you who can't wait, just send me an email. But for now, while I was designing this, I though of using a bottomless pit to help sell the illusion. I figure coins would get in the way so I scratched it. Still, something is telling me to use it and then this idea came. The bottomless pit turned on it's side and placed on the back of a vortex tunnel. In other words the bottomless pit would need to be larger than normal and cut in half to let people walk through and then placed at the back of the vortex. If you make one, see if you can make the back mirror move a little creating a bending vortex tunnel. Would the lights need to spin? I gues since the rest of the tunnel is. Just use the chase setting in the lights. Would this work?