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02-08-2011, 01:11 PM
Dark Tech Effects is proud to announce new lasers from X-laser:

The X-Pod: (X-Pod PDF (http://www.darktecheffects.com/X-LaserCatalog2011-8.pdf))
From the innovative minds at X-Laser comes the new X-POD Laser Show System. A beautiful new approach to the original ‘beam banger’ effects from the massive rock concerts of the 1970’s where thick, dramatic beams would shoot out seemingly from every angle. However, making these effects was VERY expensive and time consuming as hundreds of little mirrors needed to be aligned and focused. No longer. Completely modular and totally scalable, the new X-POD system reduces both the cost and setup time by almost 90% breathing new life into this most iconic of laser show effects.


Also don't forget, when you place your order with Dark Tech Effects, or even anytime after, we can upgrade any X-Beam laser to the beefier PRO version which includes an analog dimming option for smooth laser fades, hi-speed scanners capable of producing complex graphical designs and an
optional upgrade to the widest scan angle of any laser show system on the market today: a FULL 90 DEGREES. Let your sweeps and patterns cover every inch of your space with beautiful laser light.

Please feel free to contact us for price list or more information. X-laser makes many different lasers that can fit within any budget.