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02-08-2011, 05:54 PM
I know a lot of haunters are also magicians and mentalists, so here is a great set of mentalism DVD's that I am selling.

The Chapter of Marc Spelman 4 DVD set
Brand new condition, each disk was viewed only 1 time. They cost about $100 brand new depending on where you order them from, plus shipping. I will take $50 paid through paypal with free shipping, or an equal trade on haunt or magic or mentalism DVD's. Here is a link to the details, and there is also a demo video available on the page http://www.elmwoodmagic.com/full/dvd-the-chapters-of-marc-spelmann-4-dvd-set-marc-spelmann__6107.htm.

Email me at themagicofjustinarrigo@yahoo.com if you are interested.