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02-10-2011, 05:08 PM
Does anyone know Tom Hilligoss who use to work for the Jaycees?

Anyone know if he's alive or how to find him. He use to live in Bloomington, Illinois. We must find him because ...

Will explain later.


02-10-2011, 06:24 PM
I assume this would be a good starting point...


Front Yard Fright
02-10-2011, 06:48 PM

Nice one!

02-10-2011, 07:00 PM
HAHA!!!! Never seen that before.

So whats up Larry?

02-11-2011, 02:18 AM
He lived in Bloomington, Illinois does anyone know anything about him... he should be around 60 to 65 years old now. He worked with the Jaycees

I will explain more soon... does anyone know him?


02-11-2011, 08:37 AM
I might be going out on a limb here but judging by this gentleman's age and your current topics he must be an industry pioneer for the haunt industry? Perhaps he started the first official Jaycee's haunt?


damon carson
02-11-2011, 09:11 AM
Dark the gears have been oiled and there starting to turn. Have you tried information Larry?
Thats if you know the exact town he lives in.?

02-11-2011, 09:30 AM
or maybe try contacting the Jaycee's in Bloomington, Illinois.

02-17-2011, 10:51 PM
There's a Thomas W Hilligoss, Born in Oct 1939 that lives at 780 Pennsylvani Dr, Palatine, IL 60074. Close to the age you said, 2 1/2 hours from Bloomington, though he could have moved since then.

02-18-2011, 01:45 AM
That could be him... can you get me a contact? Larry

02-18-2011, 04:34 AM
I assume this would be a good starting point...


That website is the best. haha

I'm also super curious about this group stalking effort here.

02-18-2011, 05:45 AM

I have sent emails to four old timers from Illinois with no reply yet.

I had a national email blast newsletter of old Jaycees run a short item about Tom Hilligoss and any info on the earliest Jaycee haunt.

Have received a few replies from people that were involved in the early to mid seventies in their home towns. No real info that you are looking for yet.

No info about Mr. Hilligos yet.

I took my son to the library last night and did some research in our hometown newspaper and found a picture and story on Oct 25, 1968 promoting the Huntington chapter doing a haunted house. Admission was $ 0.35 each and was one weekend long. I do know two of the guys in the picture and will be trying to contact them for anyinfo including Mr Hilligoss.

$ 0.35 admission. LOL

02-18-2011, 05:16 PM
Couldn't find a number for that address, just for a bunch for a Thomas Hilligoss, born in 1970...don't know if it's his son or what, but I didn't call.

02-19-2011, 05:47 AM
I have been contacted by someone that knows Mr Hillogoss and has confirmed his haunted house involvement. They have promised to get me his contact info.

Stand by.....