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02-12-2011, 01:10 AM
Hey Folks... on Thursday night after you tour the Lemp Brewery we will have our 3D Attraction Production Shop OPEN for a tour, and Kip Polly will have his workshop open for a tour. Both shops are right next to the entrance to the Lemp Haunt. So just before you go in or after you come out walking back to the parking lot, you can stop in our shops and take a tour.

Inside our 3D workshop at the Lemp Brewery we create the best 3D attractions in the WORLD with our team of artists. They will all be on hand to show you around the show and show you how we do 3D attractions. Inside Kips shop he will show you his shop where he makes all of his products and much more.

We will PROVIDE FREE drinks, food, tunes and more.

Its not a party as we know a lot of you are going to Shanes party, but you can stop in before or after your tour of Lemp Brewery haunted house on Thursday during the behind the scenes tour.

Stop in ask questions and learn more about what we do inside our Lemp workshops.


ADDITIONALLY Hauntworld Magazine / HauntWorld.com will throw another FREE party for everyone who attends Lemp Brewery on Friday night... before you actually exit the attraction there is a massive room which Hauntworld.com will host a party for everyone who attends the tour on Friday night.

We will provide free drinks, food, and tunes... We will also make special announcements about Hauntworld.com.

There will be raffle tickets for free banner ads, magazines, jackets, tshirts and much more.

So when you make your plans on Friday night to attend Lemp Brewery Haunted House you'll get to see EVEN MORE of the building with our Hauntworld.com get together event on FRIDAY night.


If you have any questions let me know!

This is ALL FREE coutersy of HauntWorld.com


02-12-2011, 07:25 AM
It only makes sense, really. When you come to the brewery you are going to be beside, behind, and beneath mine and Larry's shops...so why not open them up for everyone. Like Larry said, we're not trying to compete with or steal from Shane's party, but there will be some snacks and drinks so come by, say hey, have a quick snack, and then head over to Shane's for the party. If you happen to not be going to Shane's...stay longer!

In my studio, my wife and I will be there and I believe I'm going to be able to get my video guy to come in as well to answer any questions that anyone might have about our video production work and even discuss project ideas. We will even have a couple custom video pieces that we created for clients on display in the shop that you have never seen before. It'll be fun...and free...which I think makes it more fun. Hope everyone can make it out!

02-13-2011, 04:40 AM
I'm gonna pass on the tour, I'm not too worried about seeing the workshop. I'm sure they're cool and all, but not my particular cup of tea. Sucks yall won't be making Shane's party tho! It's gonna be a blast. You should try to swing by for the last little bit at least! He's got TWO magicians coming, finally reached $25,000 in give-a-ways, and of course, HauntChick will be there! I'm looking forward to your tours Larry, sounds like a great learning opportunity and I hope yall have a great time too!

But, thanks for the party at Lemp Brewery. Sounds like fun. :)

02-13-2011, 05:15 AM
This is great! Having a party there and learning more about what you guys do in person is a can't miss experience that I'm sure will translate into great ideas for our haunts. Best of all, it's FREE!!!


02-13-2011, 07:02 AM
Thats a great idea and I wish I could come by! I totally understand when your tied up with your own event how it's hard to get away. I want to say for the record I have had some people call and heard a few things. Look this is totally DIFFERENT than what I am doing and like I have said before my event goes on for 6 hours so there is plenty of time to do both!!!! So there lets nip it in the bud. I fully support all things! I have explained to them there is plenty of time to do lots of the events going on. I also explain no one wants to be a Dark and stir drama and when it's told to them like that then they understand LOL.

I really wish I could do mine for free so people like Dark could come but no one is going to spend the kind of money it cost for my event then let everyone in free. It's the same as Larry's events he can't spend all this money and just open his doors and say come on in! Heck I might even slip away for a bit to drop by there is really plenty of time. Thanks again guys we all try so hard to see that everyone has a good time and at the end of the event that is all that matters! Shane and it's I am sure people will love this! Shane

02-13-2011, 07:13 AM
Shane why did you feel the need to bring my name into this I wasn't saying anything about your party I was commenting on this thread regarding this party. It's a great idea and yes people can go to wherever they want or do it all I just think this is a good idea.


02-13-2011, 07:40 PM
I agree, it's a great idea. I'm just not big on behind the scenes of workshops. BUT I am certain there are alot of people who are! It's gonna be a super busy night and i hope everyone has a great time!

02-14-2011, 02:45 AM
It's really less about having some party or giving you a tour of the place or showing you around or anything of the sort... its about saying thanks for coming to our tour, offering a drink, some chips, saying hello and saying thank you! Its really nothing more than this.

I hope everyone who comes to the tour stop in our shop and says hi. We won't have the HPI shop open as its full soup to nuts with attractions we are building for clients.

However we want you to see our 3D shop and all of our painters, and workers will be on hand to give you a tour around... I know Kip is looking forward to showing everyone around.

So I hope you stop by.

After the Lemp opens on Friday we'll have a room near the exit of Lemp and we'll have some food, drinks, and more. Again hanging out to meet and talk with everyone. Everyone who comes to the Lemp Party on Friday night will get a free Hauntworld Magazine Issue 27.

We again want to say THANK YOU FOR COMING... I will be inside the Lemp Party Room on Friday to talk to anyone, answer questions, or simply to thank you for coming.

See you soon!


02-14-2011, 11:55 PM
Sounds fun. The shop you make 3D attractions is in a different location than the shop you make haunted attractions at? If it is in a different place, why is it in a different place? Is it just a issue of sq footage or logistic thing? Also, is the Lemp mansion and your new haunt in the same location? Or is the brewery a different place all together? I'm confused as to where all this stuff is.

02-16-2011, 05:29 PM
Yes it is... our shop at The Darkness is only 6500 square feet and we needed twice maybe three or four times that amount...

So we had to get more space. We do all the 3D painting at a different location actually its inside the Lemp. Right now we have four painters working for us around the clock trying to build 3 different 3D attractions.

We have been doing 3D attractions since the 90's and have had many different artists work for us the ones we have now are the best we've ever worked with period! They do the best job as far as I'm concerned in America!

You'll get to see the work we are doing RIGHT NOW on a Mummy Haunted House which I think everyone will love!

Lastly, let me say this... I do things first class or try to so I'll make sure we do something really nice for those who stop by!

See ya at the tour... we are BUSTING OUR NUTS trying to get this tour done, we are up and OVER $400,000 and counting.

NO ONE has EVER spent this kind of money to present a tour NO ONE EVER WOULD... I guess I'm the only one this crazy!

Jim said yesterday... 'we did less square feet but Larry you took what we did do over the top to the degree its more work than ever'.

Its off the scale ... we have topped ourselves on every level.

If you EVER do another tour as good as this one I would be shocked... the party is just a thank you!!! So hope to see you there


02-18-2011, 07:30 AM
I'm definitely excited for the learning experience! Thanks Larry!