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RJ Productions
02-16-2011, 03:07 AM
Several different threads have included questions on the use of semi trailers as a viable haunt structure. I am teaching a seminar at Transworld on this very subject. The seminar is titled to be aimed at the FEC or amusement park operator but it can be useful for the stand alone haunter also.

Just so we're all clear,...... this will not be a How-To Seminar. ( I only have an hour!!! )

It's purpose is to expose you to the trailer concept, give you some pros and cons so that you can at least consider this concept for your own use.

The concept bodes well for the target market of FEC's and amusement parks because of the decreased set up time involved. However the concept can also be utilized in the haunt market whether you want a second attraction, secondary attraction, or even a main attraction!!!

Transworld has changed to an ala cart style of seminars which can be a great benefit to haunters. Now you can take just the seminars that are the most benefit to you. I don't have to sit through make up seminars when I don't do the meake up! However... now I can send a make up person to that particular seminar and not paid hundreds of dollars for him/her to sit through other classes that have no relavance.

Transworld can also focus on what the haunters want. But PLEASE do me a favor. Seriously check out ALL the seminars and don't just focus and anything that has SCARE in the subject!!! (absolutely no disrespect to Allen's seminar!!)

I have observed this from day one. Seminars with "Scare"...packed, seminars on fire codes or marketing...you can bowl down the aisles!! While our business is bascially built on scares.... it is first and foremost a BUSINESS and if you don't run it like one there will be no one at the attraction to even see that awesome new scare!!! And if they are not here this year, there may not even BE a next year!!!

I have also stated time and time again, listen to the conversations around any of the gatherings at TW. You never hear serious haunters talking or asking each other "so what new scare did you add this year?" Instead you hear them asking what new marketing champaign they tried, how did they drive more traffic to their web site, how where they able to increase revenue....

If this is what haunters what to know in every major conversation, why not pay a couple bucks and get a formal seminar FOCUSED on these topics???

So is the Trailer Haunt Style viable for you and your situation? Attend the seminar and find out!!

IF the attendance is good and interest is shown, maybe the next step will be that How-to, hands-on style seminar!!

So obviously the shameless plug here is to attend my seminar, but also attend ones that will help GROW your business!!

See you in St. Louis!!!


Rich Hanf
02-16-2011, 04:45 PM
Ah Rich...the Guru has spoken. If you listen to no other piece of advise I would really strongly suggest that you adhere to this advise. There will always be a seminar on scares...in fact, you don't even need them...all you have to do is go on any of the Haunted House tours. There are plenty of scares to inspire you there.

What you can't find virtually on every street corner are the how to's, the business end of things. How do you get into this industry, what about code enforcement , make up, employees, problems with customers, keeping your venue from screwing you, do you know EVERY employee on your lot?, background checks, show insurance, rain insurance, maybe you have been around a while but can't penetrate that "glass ceiling" and your numbers just don't improve all that much, advertising, sponsorships...there is sooo much...bottom line is this. In order to be a great haunter you have to be good at everything. Check that...make it GREAT at everything. Organization is key.

With all this in mind I would like to recommend the one seminar that covers all this and of course a lot more. Timmer and Ann Marie Gavinski are doing what I consider a must attend seminar on Saturday morning at 9am. This is the one to attend. Starting out as any other haunter would, their ability to master this business has been nothing short of remarkable.
These two are not pie in the sky consultants who haven't done a show in years. Timmer and Ann Marie are the real who have learned how to be successful the old fashion way. They worked it. They are in this business, not sideline players talking about their glory days. Their Wisconsin Feargrounds is considered one of the best shows in the nation...the money they invest is their own...the risks they take are real...they are down in the middle of their show night after night after night handling problems, fielding tv crews, keeping the energy and excitement high.

It doesn't matter who you are or how long you have been in this business. If you can't learn something from this seminar, you are in the wrong business.
As it stands now it is almost sold out. Let's make this one standing room only as it has been in the past.

Rich Strelak is correct...it's about the business because a scary show that is poorly attended is not around for very long.

See you there Rich Hanf

03-03-2011, 06:38 AM
I think this is a great thread, not to hijack your original post Rich.

What seminars are people planning on attending? I for one am trying to fit in as much as possible! You can never stop learning in our industry.

I am interested in your seminar Rich as I have a background with trailer haunts, Timmer and Ann Maries seminar is definitely one you don't want to miss, always extremely informative!

I'll be teaching a seminar on foam carving (sorry for the shameless plug)

It's going to be hard to choose with so many amazing seminars being offered.

Safe travels and we'll see you next week.

Mike "Tattoo" Krausert