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Allen H
02-16-2011, 11:57 PM
Talk about a tough room.
Im up for the challenge. Doing some math Im pretty sure I have scared over a million people based on the attendances of the shows I have acted and managed at. I have been an actor, an owner, a manager, and a director. I have been scareing people (personally not just employees of mine) for 24 years. Many of those year round in Orlado at haunts like Terror on church st, and Skull kingdom. I am currently the director of a successful haunt park and start acting as soon as the show is open and running.
We have an exit survey that we take every night I always end up in the top ten favorite things at the park (there are alot of things in the park) and since I started as director the roaming actors and actors in general make th esurveys when before they did not.
I have two haunt actor training DVDs that I made to fill a need I saw in the industry. I am good at what I do and Im confident in my abilities, and in my abilities to pass on my knowledge and my insights to you. I may not be better than anyone taking my class, but I have been scareing people a long time and I can tell you how I do things, and why.
It is one thing to scare someone by doing something that works, it is another thing to know why it worked and then twist that formula to work again and again. This may sound like a class for actors (they are welcome and I think will get something out of it) but its for owners, designers, and managers. It will be about getting the right amount of fear out of customers.
Business is important, but if customers arent scared and happy then they wont come back. Take my class, I will share why some things work and why some dont, I will point out the common mistakes that many haunts do that keep their shows and actors from ever scaring people.

Allen H

Nightmare Forest
02-17-2011, 11:15 AM
We bought your volume 2 disc last year. It was very informative and I am sure that your class will be too. I will not be able to make it to your class as we are showing up that day around 7 or 8, but definitely recommend it to everyone.

02-17-2011, 05:01 PM
I saw Allen in person last year when he came to Oklahoma City. He is simply amazing!!! He has a great teaching ability and includes everyone in on his class activities. Not only is he a master at acting, he is a master "motivator"!!! He motivates the actors, the managers and owners. I learned alot from him and promise you will too.
I have not heard/seen his DVD but seeing him in person can only be a 100% better.
The only way you could go wrong... is to "not" have him come to your haunt and talk to your crew.
He is well worth it!!!