View Full Version : Lights Alive 2011 Sneak Peek

02-21-2011, 02:46 PM
Lights Alive will be showing several new products at the Transworld show next month. Among the new items is a family of sensors… four passive infrared, one active ranging infrared, and one ultrasonic sensor, to join our existing line of active infrared intelligent sensors.

We're raising the bar for passive infrared motion sensors sensors. Our microprocessor-controlled sensors use quad-zone sensors instead of the usual two zones found in most PIRs, to improve sensitivity and reduce false triggers. The sensors operate on 9 to 15 volts DC, and have a built-in relay to trigger your controller or other device. There are four varieties to match to your individual situation: the Standard-range PIR for up to 16 feet; the Narrow PIR, with the same range but only 38 degrees horizontal view, the Long-range PIR for up to 32 feet, and the Slight-motion PIR with a shorter range but higher sensitivity.


The ranging ultrasonic and active infrared sensors can be adjusted for a minimum and maximum operating range. The ultrasonic sensor is unaffected by any haze, fog, or ambient light in your haunt since it operates by sonar rather than infrared light. The ranging active infrared operates between 40 inches and 18 feet, while the ultrasonic operates between 8 inches and 20 feet.

We've responded to users requests, and added screw terminals for power and relay closure, along with our Lights Alive Direct Connect jack that provides a one-click confirmed connection with our controllers.

There are also several new lighting products that we're still putting finishing touches on, and we'll be making more announcements in the next few days as they reach completion.