View Full Version : Help the Costumes for Kids charity at Transworld...(please read)

02-27-2011, 06:27 PM
The following message was sent to me via Jonathan Johnson from RFR and here. I have his permission to post it...

I have a task that needs to be done and I just don't have the time to do it as I wish I could. Is there any RFR crew member willing to contact vendors, haunts etc about a donation for Costumes For Kids. This is for physical items, i.e. props, tombstones, services if you are a web guy or design, etc etc. I am doing the first of our 3 raffles we do each year for the charity and I am so swamped right now I do not have time to contact vendors. They will get a huge shout out on RFR, full recognition and 100% ALL OF THE PROCEEDS goes to Costumes For Kids. And if possible we would like the physical items at the RFR Booth at TW. Call if interested in tackling this: 262-323-1424

If you would be interested in helping out or donating an item for the RFR raffle, please let Jonathan know. More info about Costumes for Kids can be found at www.costumesforkids.net

Thanks for reading...