View Full Version : March 5th 20011= A Good Day/Night Here!

Jim Warfield
03-06-2011, 07:53 AM
All because of... CUSTOMERS!!! Enough of them to put some measurable money back in the old pocket! (It's been a long , long winter of simply shoveling tons of snow and worrying about too much ice)
We saw people driving here from Springfield, ill, Peoria, Ill.Rockford, Ill. and Dubuque, Iowa, ending the day/night with four 25 yr. old drunks walking away at closing time because I refused to meet their low-ball desire to have a midnight house tour (Read ME "Babysitting" Them) for $5.oo each! (Admission is $13.00)
GEE? why didn't I want drunks after such a good day? I guess because "I" wasn't drunk!? hahahaha!
The afternoon group from Peoria-area traveled here following clever clues , written and picto-gram to get here, the creation of the elderly Scout Master! (Who looked like Ben Franklin, maybe reincarnated?)
Several good-sized groups had only one person that had ever been here before!
The bright sun is shining right now, Sunday, time to drive the Spookmobile up the street and park it for the day since I am sure people will be out just doing some driving around. (looking for some low-priced gasoline?
MY "Happy" is not just about the income we just received, I also feel very good physically from the activity, and I wasn't shoveling snow to get that either!
Spring is here!!??

03-09-2011, 05:16 AM
Glad to hear that you had a good night Jim, Good for you for turning the Drunks away.... some can be a little fun, most ruin it for everyone..... The Biggest problems we have at DarkSyde Acres with Drunks are well intentioned Neighbors, throwing parties and brining their group here..... of course we have to discount their party, because after all "we are like family" being out here in the country and all... then let the problems begin.......... GRRRRR

I was talking with Atalie the other night that her and I need to get away one weekend, this summer, and come out to your place......

Jim Warfield
03-09-2011, 06:35 AM
10 or 15 minutes to go through this house, THEN MAYBE, I could tolerate drunks going through here? Still, maybe, probably NOT!
Someone who is merely "Giddy", happy, = no problem. Those who have trouble walking, talking= big potentual problem= "You can't be in here!"
If a mildly drunk person gets inside and becomes a staggering, screaming obnoxious drunk= They have to leave, here's the door!
MY experiences in the house over my almost 9,000 nights of being open has taught me a few valuable lessons (I sure hope!)
"That drunk ruined our tour of your house, we want another tour now."
I explain it in these terms to the drunk as I am determining if they are still sober enough to comprehend my words.
"Sorry, I'm just lazy, I guess because I'm not going to re-tour the others and I am not feeling good about returning their money either." (Because of you)
The nice surprise is, many drunks CAN understand my logic when I put it in these terms and then they submit to either quieting down or leaving because these are their only options.
Of course sometimes the conversation takes place After I have more subtly tried to quiet the drunk by cleverly insulting them infront of the entire room for everyone's entertainment which can also tell me how drunk they actually are too.
Yes, I'm so "Evil" picking on them , embarrassing them like that, but they loaded up on that well-known substance and then came in to my place of business and home, all of which was their unfortunate choice.
I have always sort of laughed, smirked, at the saying "Drink Responsibly" since the two tend to be or become mutually exclusive of one another!(Sometimes rather quickly too!)