View Full Version : Official Press Release On Rocky Point Haunted House Auction

03-23-2007, 02:16 AM
NEWS RELEASE Contact: David Norton or Luke Brenner
(517) 279-9063

For Release: Immediately


Salt Lake City, UT – Rocky Point Haunted House, a Salt Lake tradition for 25 years, is slated for auction on April 28th. Dubbed the “Disneyland of Haunt’s”, Rocky Point has been continually ranked as the #1 Haunt in the Country by its peers. The 66,000 sq. ft. walk-through attraction has annually attracted up to 60,000 patrons for its short season.

Rocky Point Haunted House is renowned for its realistic Hollywood-produced scenes, sets, props, and scary elements. Walk-through time was approximately 45 minutes.

The intense complex will be sold in individual lots including complete Hollywood-designed scenes, individual props, and untold effects, antiques, and props.

Norton Auctioneers of Michigan, Inc., with home offices in Coldwater, Michigan, will be conducting the auction. The Norton firm specializes in the auctions of amusement parks, tourist attractions, museums, carnivals, haunts, and all types of related venues throughout the Americas. Information on this and other upcoming auctions can be obtained by contacting Norton’s at 800-279-9063, or visiting their website at: www.nortonauctioneers.com.

RJ Productions
03-23-2007, 09:06 AM
And unlike any recent Haut auction you can actually go see the show in FULL OPERATION prior to the auction. If you have never experienced RP, THIS IS IT!! Don't be one of those sitting around years from now saying, "yeah I had a chance to go see it, but I had to stay home and plant the spring bulbs!!"

Most Haunters never had a chance because we were running our own shows. "Scream Break" give us that opportunity. We went and took our crew with. It was well worth the cost. We have another entourage going this time...one last time!!!

Do yourself a favor, DO NOT MISS THIS LAST CHANCE. Trust me you will never forgive yourself if you do!