View Full Version : Actor's Organization - Idea Sharing at TransWorld

Fear Unfathomed
03-08-2011, 09:26 PM
Hey Haunters,

In the few short years I have been in the haunt industry, I have seen the need for an actors' organization. I have noticed that many actors at haunts across the nation do not realize there is a full-blown haunted house industry because they are either just acting for the money, they haven't been acting for many years, or their haunt does not really "trickle down" the presence of the haunted house industry. As someone who started out as an actor, I stumbled upon the industry and figured out how to get involved and reap the benefits of the industry (as well as give to it) by myself. I wish someone would have informed me this was all available to anyone who was interested, but it was as if haunting only mattered in October. I want to give all the other actors in the industry the opportunities I had to find for myself. Granted, that is just my experience, but I am sure there are actors out there who want the experience and value of being active in the haunted house industry, but they aren't even aware all of this exists. This organization would support and connect haunted attraction actors industry-wide. My goal for this organization would be to provide a way for actors to tap into their passion for haunting by providing easier access to conventions, seminars, tours, magazines, and other benefits. As a result, the quality of acting in the industry will increase and the actors will be more committed because they will not only have their own network of friends and inspirations, but they will also have resources they can use so that they can do their own costuming and make-up at a high-quality level.

This is not something that is spur of the moment or something that is just going to happen overnight. It is going to take a lot of cooperative effort, hard work, planning, and time to even get this off the ground, therefore, I would like to start discussing goals, ideas, and plans for this at TransWorld. I know I am far too busy to take this on by myself. I can help lay the ground work and can assist the board once it is formed, but I am going to need people to step up and take control of this. This is an idea I have, I don't have the time to execute it, but I do have the time to get the right people in place.

I must add, this also has nothing to do with IAHA/HHA/HAA, so please don't compare it to that. At this point, this is merely an idea. I want to meet with whoever is interested to see if this is worth pursuing or to see if there is a better idea to bring the actors together. Ultimately, my plan is to create a network for the actors to share ideas, learn, and express their passion. If that is not through an organization, that is fine! I just need other ideas for creating this network. :)

I have a conference room reserved at TransWorld for Friday at 4pm. If you are interested, stay tuned to this thread and I will post which room the meeting will be in. I also hope to have some fliers to pass around beforehand.