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03-12-2011, 10:04 PM
Couple things... thanks so so much for coming! The turn out was amazing and everyone we talked to loved the experience. We worked endless hours, pumped tons upon tons of time, energy and creativity into the project in hopes of making your visit to St. Louis incredible. We are worn out, tired, beat up, I didn't sleep one day, Jim was spending the night night after night, I slept a total of 7 hours for this whole weekend. My kids baseball season starts this coming weekend... we have produced two magazines for you, updated this website, the forums, put out two more dvd's, which I hope everyone enjoys, and well we have to build two attractions for customers overseas.

We STOPPED production totally on two attractions for clients to try and get this done... we have a due date on that which is really not possible now.

We still have work to do on Darkness, lighting, sound, and all sorts of electronic issues same as any haunt who opens first night. We'll fool around a bit more with Darkness and Lemp and we'll be moving onto Creepyworld and building SAW Haunted House...

Yes in case you didn't hear we are now selling Saw Haunted Houses and we already have some deals to build a few more. We will be designing those here soon and as we work on Creepyworld I will update with photos. If anyone is interested in a SAW haunted house let me know...

Anyway... I will be taking a LONG hiatis. My kids baseball season is now upon me and I'm looking to step away from the haunt industry for the next few months and focus on my kids and fullfilling orders.

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out. We may not do this again its just too stressfull.

I'm so happy everyone loved the attractions and the experince and we'll start working on Hauntworld Magazine later this summer. As we get more updates for Hauntworld.com I will post them.

I'm going to ask Patti to focus more on moderation of the forum she has really been doing it herself anyway the last month... apparently she even moderated me and I didn't even know it. LOL

I'm also going to be a lot visible over the coming summer... I hope and wish everyone a great spring and summer and hope you found all the inspiration at the show to get your haunt going for 2011.


PS: For those who posted on the site about the tour and said something negative, if you have an issue with our tour you can email US directly. Buisiness to business... there will be no 5 month long bashing sessions ... PERIOD!

PSS: Sorry for opening a bit late on Saturday night, we had a sewer back up and our que area just flooded... that was the water on the floor and its still pouring out, we have a 24 hour plumber coming at midnight. Again sorry about that.

03-12-2011, 10:12 PM
but isn't the point of a forum to share opinions with everyone? to learn from each other? sure, if it turns ugly, then it's a problem. but as adults, it should never get ugly. Although so many of the people on the forum tend to turn ugly... which is a shame.

A special shout out to all the amazing actors both nights. you guys are amazing. Especially everyone in Terror Vision tonight! "Catie's here" ... yea, that was me and I had a blast with such a special reception... thanks guys!

03-12-2011, 10:15 PM

I just want to say a personal thank you for opening your haunts during the show. We only had a chance to visit Lemp last night and we had an absolute blast. The haunt was great and soooooo long! It was so amazing in the middle of March to feel like it was Halloween. As cool as the show is, it's not the same as going through a really well done haunted house to give you that true Halloween feeling. The actors did a great job and got us a bunch of times! Next year we'll plan our trip so we have more time and can make it to the Darkness as well. Even at the end of the haunt, the gals at the t-shirt counter were super. Thanks for an all-around great time!


03-12-2011, 10:33 PM
It sounded like fun With I could have made it.

03-12-2011, 11:27 PM
Ok I have to say I was skeptical after rerading the complaints about the lights on tour, but I have to say after going through the darkness my first time ever I was pretty impressed. Terrorvisions was just ok in my eyes, but I'm not too keen on the 3D haunt style. Now was it worth 50 bucks? No (I doubt any haunt is). Still I had a good time with good friends and the actors acted their asses off to make the experience memorable. There were a few hiccups and some of the animations weren't doing there thing, but most were. I wish the alligator thru the waterfall was working but hey I'm sure you guys tried your best to get it ready in time. I like to track things and it took me 638 steps and 35 minutes to go through both attractions. Sothat is a pretty good length in my opinion. Probably a little slower pace than a normal customer since I looked around and watched the pale night props etc.
All in all I would definitely consider visiting the darkness again at the regular halloween price, but not the industry show price.

03-13-2011, 12:14 AM
Thanks for the great commets. Again I don't expect a long list of thanks or commets... as I'm pretty much going to be out of action for the next several weeks.

I had so many people tell me personally thanks for everything ... the first two nights we had soda, cookies, chips, and on Thursday we had beer. Everyone seemed to love it.

I really appreciated all the comments everyone threw at us... and as promised I was at the exit of the attractions ALL THREE nights to hear any and all comments.

Again thank you!

Now let me address someones commets... most everything was working with the odds and ends screw ups. I learned the cgi water fall screen on Saturday night kept messing up and cutting off his head, don't know why that was happening didn't do that on Thursday. We'll have to fix it. The situation with the gator rooms is just a nightmare... the root of the problem is really we installed the pipe a little to low so the concrete couldn't get under the pipe thus leaving a gaping hole under it... when you added water it drained out.

So on Friday we fixed that problem be adding a liner (tempory fix really)... and then we turned on the water fall and it hit the gator so hard the water just splashed everywhere knocking out the controls to the other gator and the sensor of the smaller gator. Fun yes I know. LOL

We did manage to fix both gators for Saturday, however the water fall on the smaller gator will need some major re-working... can't do that quickly.

We also discovered our grim reaper was broken like in half didn't know that otherwise we would have fixed it... so he was shut off!

Some blacklights kept popping a fuse... finally we fixed that by replacing the fuse. Other than those handful of things, nothing really didn't work. I did realize later that the cgi waterfall screen had the head cut off on the monster, didn't do that Thursday. We'll have to look into why it happened. Its odd.

Lastly, we probably won't do this again. To much stress on everyone who works for us, lack of sleep, I fell asleep in my booth today, worn out to the bone. Additionally we spent almost 5 dollars for every dollar we made back the cost to do it the way we want to do it is prohibitive and a drain. A four month window is not good enough if you are going to take on major overhaul project as we've done especially not when you are doing all the other things we do.

All in all I'm freakin excited about the haunt, the resonses we got, and the inspiration we left so many.

Anyway I can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed.

FINALLY WILL GET TO SEE THE SHOW ON SUNDAY... if only for 2 hours or so!

Just another reason why these tours are ruining the whole experience for me...

Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff.