View Full Version : The Challenge of "Kids"!

Jim Warfield
03-13-2011, 07:25 AM
Yesterday afternoon two familys were here bringing a van load of small boys. The one 11 yr. old had become a very enthusiastic fan from perveying the website and scanning You-Tube for Ravens Grin information, His Father told me on the phone the day before I was second only to "Elvis" in his child's mind!??
Another family with one small boy joined the group and their son really wanted to not be here , but we distracted and entertained him enough as to make him forget about those wishes .
Then at 7:30 (We open again at 7pm) a van load of 12-13yr. old girls were brought here and they were so charged-up, Yammering non-stop for quite a period of time, BUT, hey, it was only them, their people making up this tour, so I just allowed them to Yammer on and on until they were wore out, then I could have their undivided attention to perform my "show", and then they were very quiet and a terrific audience.
Of all of those here yesterday afternoon and last night only one of them had ever been here before!... "Something" is "Working"!
As the vanload of boys were leaving I was thinking about all of those little kids who came here 20-25 yrs. ago who later came back as young adults, parents, with their kids.....
Must be time to chip away on that stone tablet again, marking time.......