View Full Version : Transworld 2011... favorite products.

03-13-2011, 07:44 PM
The creativity exhibited by many industry vendors was inspiring. I know my partner and I came away with lots of ideas, inspired by many of the products at the show. Below are just a few of my favorite products from this years show... what were some of yours?

- Dark Raven Studio animated snakes. The movement was captivating. Every time I passed their booth there was a crowd.

- The new giant ghost bust.... much easier to see and would be fun to build a costume around it to create a larger than life character.

- Scare Factory... loved (and bought) the dog animation. The flying ghosts were also very cool. I also like their new "super air cannons"... sounds like a shot gun blast

- Creepy Collection's stuff in general... I just like the organic textures and rough style they do so well.