View Full Version : Thank Yous and Post Transworld Wrap Up From Jakprints

03-14-2011, 02:19 AM
First above all else I would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth for all the great energy. We had an AMAZING response to our products and services, and hope to be talking with many people soon. We would like to thank personally Larry and Halloween Productions for the tours, Digital Sound and Lighting for the Interactive Tour, Shane Dabbs for his great party and his part in the Dan Sperry show, Robert Kurtzman and his Creature Corps who were so gracious to bring all of our booth materials and supplies to & from the show, help us set up, and letting us borrow some of their amazing props for our booth setup. Then most of all Jen Braverman and Transworld for putting on such a great show...without them, it would not be as amazing of a show as it is every year. Anyone I am leaving out that has helped us thank you...it's really the family of this industry that makes us a big part of what we are.

This was our first Transworld show as an exhibitor and the response was overwhelming. While it was a challenge to demonstrate everything to everyone (THE SHOW WAS PACKED!)...I wanted to at least mention that our 2 new big products this year were new Favicards (favicard.com), and Blacklight Reactive invisible ink. If you didnt get our demo of the blacklight reactive ink and picked up our Haunt Industry Survival Kit, or rounded corner postcards with the favicards on front and promo code on back, play with it under a blacklight...it's really cool, filled with hidden images, and has so many applications for this industry. We also showcased our Fluorescent, and Glow-In-The-Dark ink/printing.

Also just to mention in case anyone was not aware, there were some items at the show we printed as well and were great showcases of our work. A big thank you to those that printed these items:

Transworld's 2012 Save The Date and Legendary Haunt Tour postcards
Insane Shane's Party T-Shirts
Scarefactory's Catalogs, T-Shirts, and Stickers
Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps T-Shirts and Booth Display Banners
Rotting Flesh Radio's Mortician T-Shirts, Stickers, Business Cards, Flyers, Favicards
Demski Cretions (part of Creature Corps) T-shirts stickers, business cards and Favicards
Midwest Haunter's Convention's Postcards and Favicards
Halloween Productions Saw Banner
Nightscream Productions Catalogs
Favicards for Sinister Visions, Zombie Army Productions, Midnight Syndicate, Raven's Wolf and More!
Everyone else that I missed, thank you!

It was really great getting to meet so many people, and put so many faces with names. Looking forward to seeing and talking to you all very soon!

Only slightly minor bad note we had was a typo on our printed materials (100% my fault). I will make a separate post about that though...overall otherwise the show and people were amazing...as long as we are successful as our feedback was...you will hopefully be seeing us at many more shows in the future!

Thanks again to everyone for everything they do and the passion that is throughout this industry.

Watch our new Jakprints Haunt Facebook page (facebook.com/jakprintshaunt) for news, updates, and LOTS of pictures we will soon be uploading from the sho!

Mike "Pogo" Hach