View Full Version : Why Did I Stay Home?

Jim Warfield
03-14-2011, 07:40 AM
From Transworld?
Familys with kids, a group of girls, whose Mom was visiting from England, more kids, adults who drove 100 miles to get here even though they just overheard about my house while walking passed a table conversation in a restaurant and then last night the longest stretch limo I have ever seen full of party-goers from 100 miles away.
Of the people who were here this weekend (as far as we can determine) only TWO of these customers had ever been here before! ("Something" must be "Working"!?)
If and when Transworld ever returns to this area (Illinois again) I will probably be there like before, making the drive back& forth to see customers those nights. (Transworld customers)
We noticed last night's weather report for St. Louis looked pretty bad, hope everyone got home OK, anyway. Any "Jim Warfield's possibly there WERE Jim Warfield Impersonators, check closely any contractural signatures or potentual blackmail photos any of you think that you have of ME. IT knot mee.
(Of course how many are now saying the same thing?)