View Full Version : PART 2 (more pics) Zombie Gumball Machines, cash or trade

03-22-2011, 08:45 AM
zombie gumball machines, we have 8 different ones

they are close to 5 feet tall, made out of fiberglass and metal. they will last you a long time.... they are not made out of latex.

use them at you haunt, halloween store and after that, use them in the off season, put them in the movie theather, tattoo shops, malls,many other places zombies are a year round thing now.

you can sell glow stick, toys, candy, gumballs, glow bounce balls, you can have people win prizes

they are a great money maker, when people see them, they want to get something out of the zombies.

we are asking 650.00 each or best offer, we will also trade for any haunted house props.

pm us with any offers





03-22-2011, 09:08 AM
Wanted to purchase at the show.. They are very cool and all that but, DAMN.. $750?
Obviously didn't sell that well or you wouldn't be offering them at $650 or trade for haunted house props..
A really nice gumball machine new runs about $250 bucks... If you would have been selling them for $300 to $350 I would have bought a few..

03-22-2011, 09:39 AM
people paid cash at the show and took everything we had in our booth, i should of had 30-40 machines in st louis for cash and carry, next year we will bring 30-40.

mach show special is 650.00 reg price is 799.00, we sold lots at 799.00 from our website before the show.

they did sell well at the show and we are still getting ordersl... it not a cheap item, its not china junk, its fiberglass and metal. you can use it inside or out doors. its not made out of latex, if it was latex it would be a little cheaper but it would rot away in a few years and not last... thats why we did not make them out of latex....

your right a good machine is about 250.00 thats just for a good machine... now add a life size zombie body made of fiberglass and custom metal stand... 650.00 is a great price... if people buy more then one we give them a better price...

plus whats wrong trading some for a prop? we own a haunted house! People love to trade... many people have props that they are getting rid of..

if you have a haunted house or costume shop, you would now that the $3,000.00 latex prop item you bought will be in the trash in a few year, falling apart because of the latex. and that one prop item will not make your 3,000.00 back.

and whats one item you can place at your haunted house or halloween store, and it will keep making you money year after year?? and have the prop last you 5-10 years because its well made...

we have 14 other ones coming out later this year... plus the travel channel filmed us...

also we have placed 60 machines in 30 places around las vegas and some small towns in arizona, the machines are in there year round, they are raking in the quarters. like i said at the show people freak out when they see them and they want to get something out of the zombies...

they pay for them selfs in no time....

thanks jay