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RJ Productions
03-29-2011, 12:14 AM
OK....time to put the creative hats back on!!! I was at the 99cent store and they are starting to put out summer stuff.

Can you say "Fun Noodles"??? They come in supper handy in any haunt, make sure you grab some before people start buying them for their pools (if you can believe it!).

I ran across a little hummingbird feeder, pictured below. It unscrews from the base, trim off the hanger molded in the top, insert a malibu style light bulb, maybe frost it a bit and you have an old fashion light bulb for that old fashioned or steampunk lab scene!!!

Anybobdy run into anything else??? Creative minds want to know!!!


Jim Warfield
03-29-2011, 12:46 AM
Take the picture of your new "Bulb" with you holding it above your head (Signifying that you just had that idea!)

03-29-2011, 05:12 AM
Yeah I saw the noodles at out Dollar store and was excited because not only the many uses for Halloween, but also spring is somewhere around the corner, LOL.

I scoured through the growing plastic things in the toy section and found a severed arm, a roach and a brain that all grow in water, perfect for jars on my dusty voodoo room shelves. Also scored a nice ball of sisal jute cording for a buck....it's like $6 at ACmoore and Wallyworld, so great deals there!!!!

Also small LED flicker tealight candles with the realistic flicker for a pack of three. Cheaper than I've found them anywhere else!!!

Allen H
03-29-2011, 06:09 AM
Skewers- normally used for cooking I use them all the time as sculpting tools, holding foam work together, Quills or spikes on costumes, and stirrers for small batches of silicone or resin. They are really handy to have around.

Kitchen timers- Great for timing batches of silicone or resin or general time keeping in the shop

electric candles- Dollar tree carries a plug in lite up candle that looks pretty good after you dress it. I add hot glue around the top that looks like dripping wax, and normally plug them all into a flicker program on an EFX tec FC4

Dollar tree carries IVY garlands which I use all the time for coatumes and sets

Deep walled baking sheets- I use these all the time for making sheet molds sculpt whatever you want in the pan and pour to the top with plaster
before ypu pour the plaster just release the sculpt and pan with-

Non stick cooking spray- great as a plaster mold release

Baby powder- keeps latex from sticking to itself as you pull it from the mold, it also is great for setting make up and whitening hair

eyeliner pencils- applicator sponges- no need to explain

I make que line stantions out of their waste buckets some PVC and plaster/ concrete

They have great dolls for modification purposes

I also get small noise makers from there for my actors like the clapping hands and such

Shrink and grow anything looks good in a jar in a lab scene

thats a few of the things i use often from there,
Allen H