View Full Version : Small Panel PC LCD - Could Be Haunted Photo Frame?

04-01-2011, 10:19 AM

This isnt specifically haunt related, but could be. I bought this unit a couple years ago to turn into a haunted picture frame, similar to the Pale Night productions video effects. It has a 10.4" LCD display, LED backlit. Its an all in one industrial computer, runs windows xp. The cool thing is all teh buttons and interface is on the back, so you could easily mount a picture frame to the front of the flat surface and flush mount it in a wall cavity.

It could play Hallowindow animations or a recurring ghost animation etc. Pretty much endless use's and saves the cost of having to buy both an LCD panel and a DVR player or PC to play the source, since this is all in one. The processor is a VIA C7-M 1500mhz, 512mb of ram, 80gb hard drive, touch screen display, also has PCMCIA port for wireless card or network card. AC power adapter. 12V DC input.

Would make a cool haunt prop with the right animation and eerie photo frame around it!

Price will include shipping anywhere in continenal North America, $320.