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04-01-2011, 06:00 PM

My name is Jarred Alcala. I have worked in an FX shop for about a year and was a freelance artist for a time before that. I have decided to leave my current FX shop and start off on my own again. I am a sculptor for making silicone masks, at least that's what i specialize in. I can make any kind of silicone props/masks, latex props/masks, or foam props that you may need. I've spent the last 3 years tuning my silicone mask making skills down to a perfect and flawless science to provide you with the best product possible. I have attached a few pictures of some of my work, the masks are all silicone with the perfect paint that takes hours to make. The weapons are all made of foam with a rod embedded into it during the casting process.

My offer to you is, since im starting over again with few items in my product line, im offering very low cost custom work. I will make any kind of prop no matter how big or small at cost, meaning you only pay for materials, and then my time and labor is absolutely free. This is an offer unheard of... and i'll only be offering for the next 2 weeks, or until i get my schedule booked. I can make ANY kind of custom sculpted silicone mask for free, you just pay for materials. If you ever had an idea for a cool mask, an icon character or a collectors prize gem, I can bring that to life! I'll take whatever idea you have from paper to sculpture to molding to casting to painting- and then finally sent to you! This is a win win for the both of us- you get a completely custom piece made just for you at a LOW price, and i get a new item to add to my product line.

If you have any ideas please email me back ASAP, the more materials i order in bulk and all together, than the more i save on shipping, which is more money you save. If you would like more than one custom mask made, i can offer a significant discount. This applies for all custom work if ordering more than one custom piece. If you would like more than one copy of your mask or prop, i can give you a GREAT discount on that as well.

Email me for more information and prices. The average price range on a custom sculpted mask and everything involved with it is around the price of some of the major silicone mask companies at their regular retail selling prices. ($500-$800).

Let me know as soon as you can if there is anything i can do for you. I'd love to make you a custom, one of a kind piece for your haunt!

Thank you,
Jarred Alcala

Email me at Siliconefxmasks@gmail.com

Here's an ebay listing for the custom sculpting service as well. But you can order straight through me as well.


pictures available on the ebay listing, or i can email you some!

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Your ebay listing has been removed

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Sorry, heres the link!