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04-03-2011, 04:35 PM
Make your own animatronics for a fraction of the price. We purchased and used some but never got around to using all the motors before deciding to sale our haunted house.

7 Motors for Sale for only $300 *Obtained brand new motors and have never used them. Contact us at fearpark@yahoo.com. Located in DFW - best buy for someone traveling through or in the area since shipping could be expensive due to weight.

Here is information from labels:

High Efficiency Baldor Electric Motor
Three Phase
Cat No: M3546T
Spec: 35A01-87
Frame: 143T SER: F1193
HP: 1 TE
Volts: 208-2307460
Amps: 3.6-3.4/1.7
RPM 1725
HZ 60
PH: 3
Class: B
SER. F.: 1.15
Code: J
P.F.: 74%
Rating: 40CSMBCONT
Applications: Pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, machine tools and other applications where three phase power is available.

Dayton Energy Efficient industrial Motor
Model No: 3KW25A
FR: 143T
Type: FD
Insul Class: B
Max AMB: 40
Duty: CONT
Ph: 3
Shaft End Brg: 6205-2Z-J/C3
Opp End Brg: 6208-2Z-J/C23
Motor Ref: 698 T90ZA 01008249 001 F
HO: 1.0
RPM: 1740
HP: 1
Volts: 208-230/460
FL Amps: 3.1- 3.0/1.5
SF. AMPS: 3.5-3.2/1.6
SF: 1.15
Design: B
Code: K
NEMA NOM Effiency: 82.5
Nom PF: 75.9
Guarantee Efiency: 80.0
3-Phase Energy-Efficient Open Dripproof Motors
Stainless steel nameplate maintains information over long life.
56HZ frames have 7/8 x 2 1/4" shaft and base bolt-hole configuration to match 56, 56H, 143T, and 145T.
Uses: For clean, dry, nonhazardous applications with pumps, ventilation equipment, machine tools, and other industrial equipment.
Mounting: rigid base
Bearings: ball
Thermal protection: none
Insulation Class F motors have Class B temperature rise for longer life
Inverter rated; see table footnotes for details
Max. ambient: 40 DegreeC
Rotation: CW/CCW
UL Recognized and CSA Certified

FASCO Industries, Inc Motor
Model Number D1124 AO 00896
NO 7163-5754 ROT. C.W.S.E
115 V ~ 60 Hz ~ 2.1 A
1550 RPM 1/20 HP Type U63
Thermally Protected E40513

Duty Master AC Motor Reliance
ID No: C48E200M-CN
Type: CS
FR: P48Y
PH: 1
CY: 60
RPM: 1725
Volts: 115
Thermal Protected Automatic Reset Model
AMPS: 5.2
RISE: 40
Code: M
Duty: Cont.

2 - GE Motors
Thermally Protected CL A INS Cont Air Over
HP 1/8 Hz 60 Ph1 CAP
V230 A 1.85
RPM 1550 RIT

Marathon Electric
Part No: X70670636037
Model: 7WK56T1105507B P
Type- TS
AMB: 60 C INS- B3
Duty: Cont
DES: Thermally protected MT893470 092500
HZ: 60
HP p- 1
RPM: 1140
Volt: 200-230/460
FLA: 4-4.2/2.1
SF: 1.0
SFA: Air Over Motor
Code: Enc open