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04-12-2011, 06:07 PM
Hey Everyone,

This is the last and final plea for the year! We open May 7! We are less than one month away from opening our 1 weekend mega attraction for Relay for Life at Southern Connecticut State University!

Our entire attraction is set up and took down, as well as acted in, by volunteers! (myself included) and the attraction itself is made possible by everyone here!

I would like to thank a couple people and companies who have already donated/sending stuff this week for this year!

Froggy's Fog for supplying all of our fog fluid!

Haunt Tactics- Tim you are a GREAT guy and your company is absolutely incredible! Best customer service and absolutely incredible products!

Shane Dabbs! After everything you've been through recently, you still insist on sending us stuff. You are the man!! :)

Dream-Scape Studios- Regardless of anything on here, they still care about charity and are sending a box of goodies! It's very thoughtful and deeply appreciated guys!! :)

Www.yourcustomhauntedhouse.com for supplying the actual maze! They are new, not on Hauntworld yet, but they are from CT and are very talented.

These are some of the incredible people and companies who are supporting this great cause. Words cannot express our gratitude!

There is still time to donate! Please see if you have any props/costumes you do not or cannot use and consider sending them our way! We can use anything and everything, no donation is too small! Every donation will stay with the attraction for years to come. I use a lot of my own props from my very small yard haunt, nowhere near enough to deck out 1,800 sq ft plus a queue line!

Donations are tax deductible and advertising is offered to companies wishing to advertise at the event. PM me with any questions/inquiries.

That's the end of my begging for this year lol, I'll post photos and videos after the event of set-up, and a walk thru for you guys on the "Relay For Life Haunt Progress Thread".

Thanks for putting up with me, and my begging. I couldn't be more honest with you guys, you have all been so supportive and this attraction would be impossible without your help, YOU make this attraction and we cannot thank you all enough for the support and donations!

Sin-scare-ly yours,

04-12-2011, 06:41 PM
Hope I can help a fellow haunter doing a great cause!!! I wanna see pics too!!!!!

04-12-2011, 08:14 PM
There will definitely be no lack of pics!! Thanks Kimmy! Got back to you =)

We can also add

http://hauntedkimmycreations.weebly.com/index.html to the thank you list!! You're the best!