View Full Version : Ghost Seekers, these people sound abit different.

Jim Warfield
04-15-2011, 08:15 PM
The leaders of the nocturnal foray keep some secrets from the rest. Let them "Discover" what they discover, no help in the form of storytelling from others who know the property. How about that?
Makes things abit more interesting. Maybe more genuine?
We have been talking with this group on the phone, mostly my Wife . She is impressed with how they operate.
If/when, they come here it sounds as if it will be interesting.
I don't tolerate make believe ghost/haunting stories too well when someone is telling the big one just to confuse any real information that might become disguarded because of the crap spewing forth from idiot(s)
There is said to be a member of this group who sees ghosts very often. He doesn't say much except to possibly warn of immediate danger on-site, but the ghosts he sees and talks to have real names and historys proven later in old records which makes him very impressive in my mind!
Time will tell.

Jim Warfield
04-16-2011, 09:20 AM
This group is average aged of around 35 . They will kick out anyone in the group who doesnot abide by their simple, totally logical rules.
Two were ejected when they began swearing and using racial slurs to attempt to make "something" happen. They ruined the entire night , all films and recordings were deemed unfit to keep let alone show on their web site or be shown to the current property owner.
When we would host a Ghost-Seekers Night here I would suggest that only small groups of people should inhabit the wine cellar at a time. Sound echoes down there and it is Very hard to maintain anything like "Quiet" with more than just maybe 4 or 5 people in the room.
A large group of serious /adult acting people would be alright.
Most groups of ten or more usually commonly will be talking, mumbling, laughing, farting(which creates more laughing..)
Too much terribly gross farting creates stained clothing, nasil irritation and possibly alfactory death.

damon carson
04-22-2011, 02:58 AM
Ya keep us posted on this groups visit. Sounds like they are copying some ghost hunting television shows far as not wanting to know the history of the haunted place ect. Its really too bad the warlock psychic or whatever he went by never returned to your house. Even though he sounded very weird and strange he was right about alot of things. Some people do have the nact to see beyond the normal of what others see. I tend to rely on actual personal experiences. I dont claim to be psychic. But I do know I believe in an afterlife and ghosts and that your house is most definately haunted Jim. Its at the top of my most haunted list. And I have been in and stayed the night at many haunted houses and been to many haunted locations!