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This week we are taking you beyond the edge to Castle Blood! Come Join us if you dare!
Halloween may be over 6 months away, but here at BTE Radio, every day is Halloween just as it is for this motley Crew from Castle Blood! Tune in live this Sunday night as we welcome Gravely McCabre and Professor Skrye both residents of Castle Blood and stars of the television show Midnight Monster Hop to BTE Radio for what is going to be a "ghoulishly good time!

Called "#1...Haunt in America" --Hauntworld.com, 2007 and
"One of America's top 20 Halloween destinations" --msnbc.com, 2000. Castle Blood has earned a reputation as one of the top haunts in Pennsylvania over the past 18 years.

The MacCabre Family fiendishly invites you to a Gothic Halloween tour of their home, Castle Blood ™. Visit Pennsylvania's most unique haunted attraction and meet the "interesting" denizens of the Castle in all their dark, morbid forms, without all the chainsaws and ax murderers. This award-winning den of evil is filled with high quality production values and special effects, not to mention the interactive creatures that roam its halls. This is the same Castle Blood ™, seen nationally on TV's Midnight Monster Hop . This year marks 19 years of bringing you "Halloween the way it ought to be!" to Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Ricky Dick and Chris Handa join us this Sunday night for a fun filled show talking with us about Castle Blood, the TV Show Midnight Monster Hop and being involved with the Halloween prop and decoration industry. About the MacCabre family and Castle Blood;

Ricky Dick, aka Gravely MacCabre of Castle Blood, has been teaching makeup, costuming, and prop building for over 25 years. People at well over 100 Science Fiction, Horror, Clown, Variety Arts, Haunt, and Costuming conventions have all improved theirskills from Ricky's teachings.

Ricky Dick has been long known for the theatrical Halloween event Castle Blood, now getting ready for its 19th season in SW Pennsylvania. Castle Blood combines story telling, magic, and true interaction with the public to send patrons on a bizarre quest to solve the problems that are laid out before them for the night. The Castle is a very character driven attraction and actors from all over the U.S come to take part. Half of the present cast has been participating for over 10 years.
Ricky’s costume and prop creations can be seen in Haunted Attractions, Home Haunts, and Fannish conventions all over the world.

Chris Handa aka Professor Skrye will be joining us as well and you never know what tricks the good "Doctor" will have in his medical bag! Chris Handa has over 17 years of active work in haunting and more years than he cares to admit in magic. In addition to being in his 14th season of work with Castle Blood, he has served as a guest actor for three other attractions and worked from the ground up on a haunted house for three years with his Boy Scout Troop in Baldwin.

As far back as he can remember, he has always incorporated a paranormal or spooky element into his magic routines, which led him to involvement in the scripting and design of effects for haunted attractions: first for himself and then for others. Since 2001, he has also presented and taught magic at numerous Halloween and Haunted House conventions, most recently serving on the staff of the National Halloween Convention as Entertainment Director (2009, 2010) and a Professor for their Halloween University (2008-Present). Although magic is his passion, he also has a knack for problem-solving which has placed him in key operational positions for seasonal activities as far back as 1985. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Kari and daughter Katelyn (6) who are both also veteran haunted house performers.

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