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04-22-2011, 11:57 PM
Greetings everyone!

Dental Distortions is unveiling its new line of professional quality teeth called Pro-Line Veneers. We will be showing the new line this year at MHC in June. The first style we are unveiling is based on the many requests we have received over the years for a set based on the Kreeper from 'Jeepers Kreepers'. Well the wait is finally over! The cool thing is that if you purchase a set during the next couple of months you will not only be getting a very cool set of high-quality teeth, but you will be contributing to a film project that we are co-producing- and you will get your name in the closing credits AND on the IMDb.com web site! How cool is that?!

Dental Distortions is working in conjunction with Valdez FX, designing and building all the FX (including a baby velociraptor) for 'David's Dinosaur', an new family film that is set to start filming in mid-June. We are in the process of raising funds for the films effects.

Head on over to our new product page (http://www.dentaldistortions.com//product_info.php?cPath=11&products_id=54) and you can see the new RAPTORS Pro-Line Veneers. The RAPTORS are available in three colors- natural, green and black (Kreeper style).



04-23-2011, 03:42 PM
Nice!! Will have to check those out at the con!! :twisted: