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04-23-2011, 09:05 AM
Okay I went to this new place yesterday in Branson called 'Castle of Chaos' claiming to be a 5D adventure like a haunted house. This company was at IAAPA and I think at one point went to TW trying to sell these things... I'm sure they cost a pretty penny for sure! You sit in a chair some things happen in the chair, you have guns and honestly don't know why you never know if you score points or not while playing, and you see these 3D movies then this this dial thing spins around and in the end a couple silly animations pop out.

Let me say that clearly the tried very hard to make this cool, but this thing fails on every single level if you ask me. The brochure promises 'you'll need every bit of adrenaline and stamina to join the battle against evil'. Here is my beef this this attraction... if you charge some outragous amount of money to develope the thing, build it and install it a better job could have been done for sure. This thing was a bore... and that is being overly fair.

I know it will be hard for any haunter to avoid this attraction but trust me avoid it!

The only thing I will say is unlike most tourist trap attractions you can see this isn't cheap they have spent some real money trying to put this together, but the creative is just not good enough, the technology is good, just not applied correctly to make this attraction worth a dollar.

They should have hired a real haunter to help them with this thing and they MIGHT have had a better result.



damon carson
04-23-2011, 09:16 PM
I watched the video and I can see where the draw for customers would be. But then I also could see the weak points just by watching the video. The seats look awesome and the rotating floor. The shooting part would be dumb because if the room is full of people how are you suppose to know who is shooting what? Anyway they will get enough people to waste their money on this to more than make their money back. Who is to say regular people not haunters may enjoy it? They maynot have as high expectations as us haunters. Thanks for the heads up though.