View Full Version : Transworld 2011 Haunt Tours --- Would anyone be interested?

04-29-2011, 12:34 PM
Okay couple things...

Next year for the TW show we are just wanting your opinions here so please offer. First off we probably won't open the Darkness, because without some major renovation I see no point. I doubt we'll do much of anything at this point because we've gone over the top for three years straight and probably need a break. The stress involved is really to much to take.

We probably will do something with Lemp to make it more on Darkness level so that is probably in the cards. However this is my question...

I can't do a tour of Creepyworld that just isn't possible... we'd have to work over the winter outside and leave stuff up during the winter to make it happen. That is NOT possible.

HOWEVER... what we coudl do is this: We could totally renovate our trailer haunted house and do an interactive seminar tour on trailer haunts. We could sort of teach you how to do one, show you how to detail them in such a small space, and simply tour it. It wouldn't be a long tour but this could be done. We can show you how on the sprinkler system to connecting them together, to as I said how to full blown detail one.

Is that of interest?


04-29-2011, 12:48 PM
You hit the nail on the head! Go crazy on lemp on renovation and do the trailer haunt...there are sooo many people interested in this type of attraction due to building limitations in their city. At transworld there were many people wanting to know more about how to do one...I think you would get a ton of interest by this...just my opinion!


damon carson
04-29-2011, 02:34 PM
Im interested on going on a tour next year rather than being part of it possibly. The thing is can you bring and set up the trailer haunt at Lemp? To have them all together would be better than having to go out to Fenton for it. And what kinda of prices would it be would be a deciding factor for many and well as I. Would Ravens Mansion be just like lights on tour or would you have actors as well? Also far as Lemp do you plan on putting the mansion part in it like you said in the past. I think it really needs something in it like that to break up the scences. So many people said crates and barrels and Unit 70 props everywhere. It really needs something to break up the manotany! Dont get me wrong its a great location. It looked cool what you all did in a short time but there is so much more you can do with it! I think the mansion part would really add to it and maybe incorporate the story of the Lemps into it more. Thats where I think you could really improve a good haunt into a really great haunt. Lose the army of zombies and go with more spirits and ghosts of the Lemp family. I think a trailer haunt tour and everything you discussed is a great idea though. You probably have one of the best trailer haunts in the nation.

chuck weber
04-29-2011, 03:44 PM
let us know the cost of admission so we can plan for it. plus, I'll be treating Kevin from haunted radio, so i'll need 2 tickets. thanks!

RJ Productions
04-30-2011, 01:52 PM
The thing is can you bring and set up the trailer haunt at Lemp? To have them all together would be better than having to go out to Fenton for it.

While Larry has a "mobile" haunt built in semi trailers, he does not have a "portable" haunt! Meaning it was built in trailers but was not designed with the intent of moving and setting up every year. The cool facade is actually a free standing unit that sits in front of the trailers. They have a huge build out in the courtyard. Larry has a semi permanent mobile attraction. If necessary it could move, but it is not practical, especially for a one time event.

Although it would not be feasible to set up the outdoor haunts, would it be possible to run Tombstone??? Most of the outdoor sets there do remain up all year???
What about it Larry??? I was very impressed on the footprint that Tombstone utilizes. I had always envisioned a hayride requiring a very large trail which presents a real nightmare getting enough space, powering it, lighting it..... Larry's compact footprint really utilizes the space to the maximum without sacrificing the effect.

Also I have always felt that the tall hay wagons create several issues.
First the issue of getting the audience up and down.
Second keeping them from being stupid and falling off.
Third it is not as scary when the actors approach the wagon and the audience towers over them.

Larry's team has addressed all these concerns by utilizing a different wagon system.

Trailer haunt tour and Tombstone combined would be a very interesting evening!!!

Larry, you need any help from me...you got it!!


damon carson
04-30-2011, 07:49 PM
I was just saying maybe Rich. But not you sprung up another good idea! Now it would be cool to open up Tombstone if was still gonna be there. That attraction will be gone. But here is the good side. It is being rethemed as Sleepy Hollow! So thats even cooler I think. Oh what the hell open them all up! Ha ha! You can still have movies going at Drive Inn 666 cue line. What other possiblities can we figure out for it. LOL! Maybe we will have an unseasonably warm winter for a change in Missouri who knows?! LOL! Cant wait! But one question Rich didnt you use to setup and open your trailer haunts at casinos in Las Vegas. I really doubt if they let you keep them up year round. So I dont see the difference other than this would be for a weekend rather than for the month of October. But I like the idea of the hayride opening. And maybe another thing or two.

RJ Productions
04-30-2011, 09:02 PM
Big difference, mine are designed to be set up, then taken down and put in storage. The facades are attached and transport with the units. While I do utilize the courtyards, they are inhabited with pieces and portable parts. Larry had no intention of moving his so he built a complete facade that is in actually a stand alone structure. The ramp going up to the attraction was built to stay, poles were sunk in the ground and a whole deck built, NOT portable. The courtyard has a huge greenhouse that was built on site, again NOT portable. I am sure that Larry has also built up around and up to the haunt since it does not move. So everything around the haunt would have to be removed to accomodate the trucks pulling the haunt out.

So for all the work involved for a one night event, it is MUCH easier for us to go there. Besides, even if the rest is not open you can still see the footprint and what they have accomplished there. And if Larry is retheming Tombstone that is even a better reason to go check it out!!!

We all want the oppurtunity to go see these different haunts in the off season, but until you have had to prep for such an event yourself, you have no idea what is involved. You do all the work you would normally do for your entire season... all for one night. Then afterwards all you hear are nit picky complains!! My hats off to ANY haunt that opens off season for the conventions. It's a lot of work for little recognition. Thanks!!!

damon carson
04-30-2011, 09:52 PM
Ya I forgot that Ravens Mansion facade is on a large deck. Your right! Ya more trouble than it would be worth. Couldnt move that. But your hayride idea is do able! Ya Creepy World is an awesome haunt. Actually its my idea of the ideal haunt. With multiple attractions to please everyone. It is worth seeing if not just part of it.

04-30-2011, 11:53 PM
Trailer haunts are cool for a screampark because you could set it up and leave it no need to take down and put back up every year...that is why we bought one. We have totally renovated the place and we could make it even better than it is now if we did a tour there. What Rich said is mostly correct... our trailer haunt is mobile it can be moved and taken to a new location. Heck that is how it got there in the first place. However since we did not plan on moving it we built a facade and deck that doesn't move, the court yard in the middle could be taken down and set back up again.

Rich's haunted trailer is meant to come down 110% each year and stored while ours is set up for the long haul even though it could be moved.

I can only tell you this and its NO dig at the vegas haunt tour, but our trailer haunt is NOTHING like those you saw in Vegas at TW a few years back. In fact and I'll still never understand (why he never opened) this but Rich's trailer haunts also DO NOT look like trailer haunts...his blows ours out of the water, its amazing.

With all that being said we could showcase the trailer haunted house for sure. Just wanted to know if there was interest. We could also show how we do some of the hayride stuff we do. Just a thought.


05-01-2011, 11:35 PM
I'd like to see Lemp

05-02-2011, 08:53 AM
Open up as much of Creepyworld as possible, something new and different.